2011 Mar 13 | Lapland 3: dogsleds, sculptures

The front of the hotel.

Time for dog sledding!

One set of dog sledders coming back.

There were 5-6 dogs per sled.

This one had some little boots on.

They're so pretty.

And off we go!

The guys behind us. One person drove and one person rode in the sled, then we switched half way.

Uh oh, Felipe fell off, and there goes his sled!

He couldn't catch back up to his dogs, so we gave him a lift. Thankfully the guide had stopped them a ways up. We also fell into the same rut, though, heh.

Through some trees.

We had the fastest set of dogs, so we had to keep breaking.

The sun across the frozen lake.

More trees.

Sihan driving, me riding.

More trees.

Some other people had snowmobiled out to this tipi.

Almost there.

I think the dogs were starting to get a bit tired, although their handlers said they'll easily go much farther.

Us in shadow.

The final curve.

And up the hill.

Although Sihan fell off going up, heh.

Me on the sled.

Making snow sculptures. The teams got messed up a bit, but it was still fun. The theme for the sculptures was an owl.

We had saws, files, and knives as tools.

One sculpture that I think they didn't really finish.

Another group working hard.

Their final sculpture: an owl with a bottle of vodka.

And ours: a polar bear hugging an owl. It ended up just being Reka and I working on it. I thought of the general idea and she thought of how to make the bear sit and hold the owl. Then I sawed off big sections and she did the precision work. We made a really good team.

We won the sculpting competition, so we got these mugs as a prize.

What a nice souvenir of an awesome trip.