2011 Mar 20 | Hawaiian party, Hallwyl, Army

Friday night was a Hawaiian-themed party for five people who had their birthdays.

Me, Jukka, and Salla.

It was pretty packed.

Mostly leis and Hawaiian hats.

My full outfit: fish hat (grabbed by some random drunk before this picture, heh), straw hat, pineapple glasses, lei, home-made lei (actually cheaper than the store-bought one, although a lot of the flowers fell off), wooden necklace, stuffed shark, Hawaiian shirt #1, Hawaiian shirt #2, toy parrot, wooden bracelet, flower bracelet, swim trunks, tropical cloth wrapped around leg, flower anklet, tropical flip flops, and a cored-out pineapple as a cup with drink umbrellas in it. Most of the items I bought at thrift stores for $2-$3, although a few things I bought at Buttericks, a costume / random-fun-stuff store downtown. Which I think is where everyone else bought their hats and leis and things because they all looked the same.

Some cups for beer pong, although I didn't see anyone playing.

This guy had some palm leaves. A cool idea, although he kept moving them around.

People going out the window.

And coming back in.

There were a lot of these fish hats. The one in the back is mine; you can tell because it has the safety pin in it.

Now Leng Shiew has my fish hat.

Satu trying out my drink.

A card for the birthday people.

Making off with the palm tree decoration.

Playing around on a little cart.

Sunday I visited a bunch of museums I hadn't been to yet. First up was the Hallwyl museum. There is only one English tour, and that's on Saturday at 1:30pm; all of the other guided tours are in Swedish. However, you can borrow one of these books that explains all the rooms in English. You can wander around the first floor of the house on your own, but you can only see the second floor on the guided tour. Honestly, though, the first floor has most of the interesting rooms, so unless you've never seen an expensive old house, I'd probably skip the guided tour, although there are a few neat rooms. All of the pictures are of the first floor; you can't take pictures on the guided tour.

Chandalier in the dining room.

Nice windows.

Don't forget to look up; there are lots of nice paintings on the ceilings.

Pretty big collection of weapons for a private house.

The great drawing room is pretty neat.

Next was the Army Museum (Armémuseum).

Some big vehicles in the courtyard.

Lots of cannons.

The Poltava monument.

A pretty scary entrance to the main exhibits.

Nice to see they started at the very beginning.

That's rather scary, too. The entire museum seems to have a pretty negative view on war.


The models of battles were especially neat.

"Civilian population's suffering." Another quite scary exhibit.

They separated the time periods with some sort of divider that fit into the exhibit so you didn't see the next or previous time period. They really helped compartmentalize everything and made it a much better experience, I think.

This was terrifying. When you walk in, there's some sort of detector like a laser beam or a pressure switch in the floor, that makes the horse kick the metal bucket when you're far enough into the room. I jumped, but I managed to hold in a scream.

Some guns you could hold.

Tons of different guns and swords.