2011 Mar 20 | Medieval, National, Modern Art

The Medieval Museum (Medeltidsmuseum). It's pretty small, but it's free!

The entrance with a movie of a model of the city at the end.

Maps of how Stockholm grew.


An exhibit on the church.

A scary tunnel.

National Museum.

Three sculptures outside of the museum.

I had no idea how to get it. I tried to just push through, but the turnstile didn't move. So I figured you had to wait until an employee checked your ticket and let you in? Although that seems kind of weird. Hmm.

Ah ha! You slide your receipt through that slot.

Of course, their cards weren't working, so that sat and talked to an employee for a few minutes while blocking my way.

Some modern art type design stuff, I guess. Looks like an IKEA nightmare to me.

These were kind of cool, though.

One of the special exhibits on silver.

An expensive bedroom.

Neat chess set.

The stairs had this relief work on the sides.

And statues at the top.

Most of the big rooms had paintings on the walls and sculptures in the center.

Aw, man, I came a few days early.

Although I don't think I particularly need to see seeing flying vaginas in person; the picture is enough.

This was really neat. There was a room where you could make your own art.

Yep, this looks like the way to the Modern Art Museum.

Entrance to the architect museum was included.

A window with a really pretty view.

That's very... uh... very... yeah. Yeah.

This was actually pretty cool. There was a video of the artist using it: he put paper in, it would rapidly tap on the paper creating splotches of paint, and then he would cut off and pull that piece of paper out and work on another one.

I never would have guessed this place would have a cafe with one of the prettiest views in the city I've seen.