2011 Mar 25 | Helsinki party cruise 1

Our ship.

Door card key and dinner ticket.

The security was really lax. You could have snuck in plenty of contraband or even people. Honestly, you could have probably had people just walk right through.

And we're on!

Ooh, a sauna, gonna have to check that out.

Not too expensive, but it's only back, not full body.

The hot tubs. They also had saunas.

One of the main open areas.

You could get wifi in the main areas but not in the individual rooms.

They had lots of games scattered around.

Although these were more my type of game.

The duty-free shop.

One dining area.

Ooh, a ball pit!

The dinner was fairly expensive, but it included unlimited alcohol, so that made up for it. The breakfast actually wasn't too expensive for a decent buffet.

A long hallway.

The two main floors.

A few restaurants and bars along here.

Some more.

The night clubs before it got going.

And another area with a stage.

Only two games. That's OK, we'll just play our own card games in our rooms.

And here we go!

Everybody was up on the deck getting pictures.

Part of our group.

Everybody was out in their coats and hats, but it really wasn't too bad and I was already up here, so I didn't go grab mine.

Duty-free store is open.

This one was pretty good.

I like the container.

Tons of candy and alcohol, but unfortunately no fruit or other semi-healthy food.

I have no idea why gardening tools would be in a duty-free store.

More candy.

Ooh, I remember eating these while fishing as a kid.

Stocking up on alcohol.

They had a lot.


Some little islands.


Some people singing karaoke.

Everyone on their iPhones.

"Hey, what kind of goofy cards are these?" French.

Fun times with card games.

They take a photo as you come onto the ship and then sell them all here. Most people are normal, but a few have fun with it. Some of the crew threw down gang signs, heh.

The dinner buffet.

Lots of food.

Lots of desserts.

Unlimited alcohol: beer and red and white wine.

Lots of breads.

Might as well try one of each dessert.

A few people in our group.

Some more.

And some more.

I think the fries were my favorite. When I went back for seconds they were almost gone, so I grabbed the rest.

Nice sunglasses.

"Quick, we only have two hours to drink their alcohol before they kick us out!"

Crowded elevator.

Time for some dancing.

Some entertainers.


You only save like $1 with these coupons.

Now into the nightclub for more dancing.

A guy with a guitar.The woman in the blue dress was really fun to dance with.

Back to the main room for a bit.

And some dancing.

The woman in the blue dress was really fun to dance with.

Because she was actually pretty good.

Some of our group posing.

I was handing out leis to the fun people. Shirt off = obviously get a lei.