2011 Mar 26 | Helsinki party cruise 2

Some ice on the side.

A quick breakfast buffet on the ship.

They're both good for different reasons.

Duty free.

The ship.

One nice thing about a paper map: I don't have to take my gloves off like with the iPhone.

Uspenski cathedral.

Presidential palace.

Havis Amanda statue.

Esplanade Park.

Senate cathedral.

Statue of Emperor Alexander II.

Sederholm house, the oldest stone building in Helsinki.

I like the stuffed reindeer out front.

Funny name.

Giant pastries of some sort.


Ateneum art museum.

Asematunneli, shopping center and railway station.

"What do you think the temperature is?" "One." (Although it's C, not F.)

There were lots of these trams.

A bit of a line for the Ateneum before it opens.

Now I have to keep the two currencies separate.

Works by Van Gogh and Cezanne.

Akseli Gallen's Aino Myth.

It's easy to see other people from the boat by the "I <3 duty free" bags.

Kiasma museum of modern art.

Although it was closed for renovations.

The other side.

Parliament building.

Suomen kansallismuseo.

Finlandia is a giant conference / concert center.

Another statue.

Temppeliaukio church, which is embedded in a giant rock. Unfortunately, it was closed too.

Gotta be careful or you'll slide down the hill.

So that's two buildings that were closed now.

Museum of Natural History.

Funny giraffes above the entrance.

Having some fun with the exhibits.

Some statue of flowers.

And one of some workers.

Some major streets with lots of shops.

Esplanade Park from the other side.

Lots of statues in the park.The oldest market hall in Finland.

The oldest market hall in Finland.

Lots of candy.

Ooh, haven't seen those since Germany.

A little cafe on a boat, although looking at the ice, it's not going anywhere any time soon.

Salu Square with lots of vendors.

Paying for the ferry out to Suomenlinna sea fortress.

At least if you fell in, the ice right below the surface might hold and you could just climb back out.

The ferry.

Looking back at Helsinki.

Our cruise ship.

Uh oh, here comes some ice.

Oh well, not a problem.

The sea fortress up ahead.

A map of the fortress.

The main entrance.

Part of the giant wall that goes all around.

A little doorway.

Lots of old buildings.

Well, I could walk all the way back around, or I could slide down this hill.

Although it was steeper than I thought.

A bridge between the two main sections.

Another area I had to slide down the hill.

Here you could fall right off.

Lots of junk over here.

The submarine.

Too bad a lot of the areas were closed in the winter.

Could slide right into the water here, too.

Cannons out on the edge.

Looking back at Helsinki.

Another area everyone had to slide down.

What the cannon sees.

Ooh boy, that's pure ice. Please don't let me fall off.

Lots of wall.

The King's Gate.

Me in the King's Gate.

And back onto the mainland.

Grabbing a quick bite to eat for dinner at the Old Market Hall rather than paying for the expensive food on the cruise ship.

A neat building.

Haha, Key West Pub.

A mascot for the cruise line.

And back onto the ferry via the slowest moving walkway ever.