2011 Mar 27 | Helsinki party cruise 3

It's so hard to sleep when the boat is constantly running into ice.

Only two groups of people were crazy enough to be outside in the freezing cold: smokers and photographers.

Nice sunset.


... going...

... gone.

A mixed-drink tasting.

Or as I think of it, free alcohol.

Aw, the air hockey table is broken.

Don't think you're gonna fit anybody else in here. Plus, it was about 100 degrees.

Fun room #2 playing King's Cup / Ring of Fire / Circle of Death whatever you want to call it with everyone reacting to seeing the dreaded fourth king.

You gotta do it, man; those are the rules.

So mean to laugh at others' misery.

Uh oh, another fourth king. That'd pretty much be my reaction, too.

Don't throw up; you haven't even tried it yet!

There ya go. And it really wasn't all that bad, right?

Having some fun.

Another game with way too many names: Beer Blow, Blow Me, Card Blowing, etc. Just don't be the one to blow the last card off.

Uh oh, only one card left.

A guy playing guitar. He wasn't that great, but the people listening to him were a blast.

Conga line!

A great way to get rid of some now-useless Euros: playing Super Bikes and Guitar Hero.

I got up early (around 5am) to look at the stars and moon. I love the Star Walk app; it will even follow where you point your phone to show you what stars are there.

The moon was just above the horizon.

Which made it look huge. And it was orange and partially-covered by clouds; really cool.

Although I couldn't figure out when sunrise was. First, we were changing time zones, from Norway to Sweden, and second, the clocks were changing for Daylight Savings. AccuWeather is obviously way off because it's already past that time. Ah, Google knows everything. Especially helpful was it saying how many hours / minutes from now.

Getting closer.

Aw, this dumb island got in the way.

Although it was also neat to look at.

If anybody fell off, you could just have the cruise ship behind us pick them up, if they saw them, that is.

A little ferry going between the islands.

We had to run in every few minutes to warm up our fingers.

Two hour hands on the clock, one for Finland and one for Sweden.

And we're back.