2011 Mar 29 | Nobel Museum, City Hall

New iPhone game. Not as good as in a bar, but another app said to download it, so might as well.

The map, where you have to chase down an animal.

Then you select your shooting position.

Sometimes it looks like the animal is out of your view, but you can actually turn farther than the blue triangle.

Time to shoot.

Although always good to zoom in first. This is a black bear, so if you wound it, it just runs away.

Brown bears, however, will charge at you if you injure them.


If you injure an animal, its tracks turn red on the map.

And if you don't kill it, you're penalized.

I hate this stuff. No, I do not want to pay to level up in the game.

Nice eye poster.

Except they made a mistake. They labeled the inferior oblique the inferior rectus.

The neuro pathways are always interesting.

Wow, that's so much healthier than what 95% of Americans eat for breakfast.

One of the greatest shirts I've ever seen.

Now that's one freaky book cover. And it's right up at the checkout isle in the grocery store.

I've been here two months and only now realized this doesn't say "owl."

Stortorget in Gamla Stan, a square with all of the old merchants' houses.

The Nobel Museum.

It's pretty neat looking inside.

Cool wall.

Some weird electronic bird that "danced" to music.

Cards of all the Nobel laureates rotate along this track.

Our tour.

Some of Nobel's patents.

Items belonging to other Nobel prize winners.

Ooh, a chess set.

They had descriptions of the items below them.

A bunch of items on display.

You could look up laureates from each decade here.

The current laureates were in this circle near the entrance.

Some of the awards.

Neat bear.

With a nice story behind it.

I want a key like that.

It symbolizes science.

I was going to go to this until I realized "strip" was just a word play on comic strip, and it wasn't a strip comedy show. Boring.

I had considered eating in Gamla Stan, but the prices are a bit high.

Wow, even worse.

The escalator going down was being repaired, as was another one beside it, and the only one working was going up. I wonder if they stopped the "up" one and had people walk both ways on it or if they alternated it going up and down?

Really, as a snack? More like nasty corn.

The hospital has a little library which is usually nice and quiet.

There are lots of displays.

And some older machines.

Glad I don't live back then.

More displays.

And another one.

More instruments.

Some spectacles.

Some eye charts and other instruments in this room.

And even more.

Peeling scabs is one of the small joys in life. You just have to take it slowly.

Sunday we had a reception and meal at city hall.

I didn't realize how many students would be there.

Waiting for the speaker. Jacquelyne: "I can't get past this level in Cat Physics." Me: "Let me give it a shot." Oh yeah, level beaten on the second try. Glad all those years of playing video games as a kid can come in handy at times.

Everyone listening to a few introductory speakers.

And then upstairs for the food!

Glad I'm at the front of the line.

Ooh, that looks good.

City Council President Margareta Bjork giving a little speech.

Pretty cool eating in the Golden Hall.

And the food was actually really good!

Cool concept, poor reality. All the toothpaste hardens and jams up at the opening.

I scraped my thumb on the door during the cruise. Now I'm very aware of every time I grab something out of the right pocket of my jeans.

I think this pan from IKEA is the best one I've ever had, and it was one of the cheapest ones there. Definitely going to have to grab some of these when I get back to the US.

I'm an American, which means coins don't count as real money in my brain, so I've just been throwing them in a jar when I get them.

However, now I have 926 SEK in coins (about $150) and need to use them up somehow.

It's snowing again.

It's pretty easy to figure out what 90% of that says.

Although Google has a cool app where you can take a picture and it will translate the words for you. However, it doesn't do a very good job. Here it got the original words right but the translation itself is poor.

Trying it again.

This time it ignored basically all of the article.

I was getting like 3 calls a day from this number. If I'd answer, either they'd just hang up or someone would keeping saying, "English?" over and over. And if I called them back, I'd only get an answering service, not a person. Finally someone called who spoke English and said they were trying to sell me insurance.

I'm not sure which I like better: apps in little boxes...

... or out on their own. I like the boxes because it's neater and I don't have to flick through as many pages, but then I sometimes forget what apps I have.

iPhones dominate the market here. All three people on phones in this picture are using the iPhone 4.

Wait, those aren't the right labels. The "A" battery is the biggest one.

Some nice tables where you can wrap your packages after you buy them.

All Apple products and applications can be summed up as "looks pretty, but not efficient and no way to edit it to make it so." Which drives me nuts. I don't want to sit and spin these dumb dials all day to set the alarm time; just give me a keypad!