2011 Apr 02 | Oslo 1: various

Night bus from Stockholm to Oslo leaving at 22.30.

Half of the fun of a night bus it watching how everyone configures themselves while trying to sleep.

First stop: get some local cash.

The bus station.

OK, this should be an easy way to find the bus stop.

I thought the bus stopped a little more to the west, but this still works; it's not like I'm 40 miles out of town or something.

Karl Johans Gate, a long pedestrian street.

A little lane of traditional houses.

Meh, not really worth the hike there.

I wonder how they decide where to put the electric car chargers? And it is a reserved spot for a specific car or only electronic cars?

The words in the sidewalk are cool.

These were some awesome metal sculptures.

Cool monsters.

Every single store was either sushi or a hairdressers.

Oh, come on! McDonald's should open at like 5am.

That's interesting.

I wandered around for about 20 minutes looking for the tourist info booth.

I finally gave up and saw it while walking outside, sigh. Had to go there to buy the Oslo card to save money on all the museums.

Cool displays.

City Hall.

Aw, the little boat can't go through all of the ice, so I had to take the bus instead.

These little maps in the tourist books are the best. Bigger maps are a pain to keep unfolding, and the iPhone app I had didn't have detailed enough streets.

Neat restaurant, and even a discount with the Oslo card.

Except the discount was only for certain dishes and it was pretty expensive anyway.

Neat "hidden" door.

A busy Karl Johans gate.

Neat sign.

Those are horrible.

They look like twins.

These tiny little shops were on a lot of street corners.

City Hall.

Aw, that sucks.

Even the floor with the bathrooms was closed, so they had these porta potties outside instead.

There were only a few paintings by these artists that you could see.

A bridge over to the Opera House.

Well, I'll just go up these stairs to get to it.

Ah, except at the top the path kind of dies.

The Opera House.

It looks like somebody tries to write something in the ice somehow.

Neat sculpture out in the water.

People testing the ice.

The only part that really stinks about traveling on your own is you don't have anyone to take cool pictures of you. And I hate having random people take pictures of me because 95% of people are absolutely horrible at taking pictures.

Plastic gems on her calves? Interesting.

I loved this place; it had free wifi, even after it closed.

The Opera House at night.

The yummiest muffins ever!

That ice cream looks so good.

I like how the place the weekday hours first, then the weekend hours smaller in parenthesis.

The buses weren't full, so I actually got on after most of the other people. That way I could scope out who was going to make noise or read and stay away from them so I could sleep.

Except this woman moved from her seat to the one across from me and started reading with the overhead light, grr. Oh well, I just moved a few seats over so I could lie out across all four.

Interesting sleeping position, but if it works, go for it.