2006 November

You can't really tell from the picture, but at the dentist instead of plain clear light covers they have ones that have clouds and flowers and things on them so make it more peaceful. Pretty neat.

If you're cutting open a package, and it seems to be really tough, maybe you should stop and take a look before you chop off a corner of the installation CD. Oh well, I ended up not needing the CD anyway.

As I was leaving work for the night a guy walked by the front door and threw his cigarette on the sidewalk. It actually bounced under the door and landed on the carpet. That could have been bad.

Dinosaur toys glued on top of a car.

This lady was super picky. She wanted the sweet and sour pork from the front-right corner for some reason.

I noticed the front-right tire seemed to be a little low. This is the front-left tire...

and this is the front-right. It's not too obvious from the pictures, but it was definitely obvious there. I checked the pressure and the other 3 tires were at about 34 PSI; this one was at 9.

Thankfully, a nearby AM/PM gas station had some air for 75 cents. The air hasn't gone down at all since then, which seems kind of weird.

Walgreens had a box people could put their umbrellas in. Since it's right by the door, though, people could just walk by, grab some, and run out.

My left shoe seemed to be allowing an awful lot of water in when it rained one day. I figured out this was the reason.

Some co-workers and I went out to a bar after work one night. It was extremely crowded, though, because there was a big party of around 15 people plus there were super-cheap drinks until 7:30pm.

We went to a little place to eat afterwards, and the toilet seat there was glow in the dark.

A big sale at a sporting store. The checkout line was absolutely huge, though.

After I ran all over San Francisco looking for a TI-86 graphing calculator, having someone at Staples call another Staples halfway across town to reserve the last TI-86 in the entire city, and then going over there and getting it one night, I happened to see one at a Wal-Mart.

This building near work has blue, red, yellow, and green curtains on the upper windows, which looks really neat.

Playing poker with some guys. We're all laughing at this guy because he had 3 aces (1 in his hand and 2 on the table), but the other guy made an inside straight on the last card.

We all put $20 in to start. After a couple of people lost all their chips, they bought back in for another $20. In the end, I won and walked away with $160.