2011 Apr 02 | Oslo 4: Vigeland, MoMA, reptiles

Vigeland Park, which is full of statues.

Astrup Fearnley modern art museum.

A naked guy with a weird mask and boxing gloves who kept punching himself.

Although occasionally he did take breaks from the self-pugilism to rub hot sauce on his crotch. Ah, modern art.

Museum of Contemporary Art

This thing was actually really cool. There were a ton of streamers forming a box.

And inside, a maze was made out of areas without streamers.

Ooh, I found a hidden prize inside the maze! Although I had to cheat to get to it; I just pushed my way through the streamer "walls," like you can do in a corn maze. Although I wonder if it's possible to actually reach this following through the maze, or is it only reachable by cheating, like John Romero's head in Doom II where you have to use the noclip cheat? (Which, basically, would be the exact same cheat; allowing you to go through walls.)

Ooh, cool, what's that? Scary monster shadows created from these little cutouts with lights shining on them.

This piece was pretty interesting, too. Just a random, tiny metal staircase with no indication of where it goes. As you go up, though, it gets really hot.

Once you turn the corner at the top, you see this.

Which is a big covered hole with a giant light at the bottom.

Reptile zoo! I'm such a science nerd; I love these things. I think I was the only adult without kids in there.

Gotta navigate through construction.

Yeah, this would never fly in the US. Someone would trip and sue the place into oblivion.

black milk snake

Uh, that's not really a reptile, but it's still cool.

Burmese python

panther chameleon

ball python

collared lizards


red-tailed racer

Indian stick insect

Phantasmal poison frog, although they're still tadpoles.

blue poison dart frogs

dwarf geckos

black and yellow poison dart frog

goliath bird-eating spider

spiny-tailed lizard

giant hairy scorpion

Ewww, giant African land snails.

Mexican red-knee tarantula

Madagascar hissing cockroach

Pink-toed tarantula, but I don't see him. Hmm.

Arrgghh! There he is, hiding in a web up in the corner. Sneaky.

black widow

green tree python

That's awesome; his terrarium was built into a door.

black tree monitor

rock monitor

bearded dragons

Arizona mountain king snake. "Red touch yellow, kill a fellow (poisonous coral snake); red touch black, venom lack (lots of non-poisonous snakes)." Although good luck getting through the rhyme when one is chasing after you.

Ooh, these marmosets are sooo cute. ^_^