2011 Apr 03 | Copenhagen 2: tower, castle

Rosenborg castle and King's garden.

Aw, too early for all the roses to be blooming.

Although these flowers were still pretty.

Ekko statue.

Ooh, caught the changing of the guard here, too.

I like how they're keeping up with technology.

I had hurt my knee the day before, which was really sad because there are so many buildings in Copenhagen where you can walk up a bunch of stairs and get a great view of the city. So I was really happy to see that the round tower was mostly an inclined surface rather than stairs. :)

Ooh, neat lights that look like stars. I wonder if they are supposed to look like real constellations?


Aw, some stairs. Thankfully not too many, though.

Almost there.

It started raining right when I got to the top. Thankfully I had a poncho.

Panoramic showing how many towers there are in the city.

Glyptoteket museum.

A beautiful room between the entrance and the exhibits with lots of trees and ponds.

A small concert hall with statues all around.

There was actually a pianist and a flutist playing.