2011 Apr 15 | South Dakota, driving to Texas

Sweden club entrance is weird. The legal drinking age is 18, but a lot of clubs set the age you have to be to get in to 18, 20, 21, or 23. This place set it as 23, which is older than a lot of my friends, but if you get there early, you can avoid the doorman checking IDs.

Haha, the "mirror" in the bathroom is empty, so you think you're a vampire because you don't see your reflection.

Neat couches.

And chairs.

The ice cream mixed drinks. Vlad the Impaler was my favorite.

The bartenders making the drinks.

Bats on the ceiling.

Over on the right are the counters for first class customers: four employees and only a few flyers. Over here are the counters for everyone else: one employee and a ton of people waiting in line. And this group of three people was taking like 10 minutes, so our line didn't move at all until they brought someone else in to open another counter. Grr.

The huge line. Thankfully I got in it before they all got there and was right at the front.

OK, I have 90 SEK left. Gotta try to use as much as possible.

The food cost 88 SEK. Sweet.

This lady sat down beside me and dragged her coat across my legs. Then she just left this piece of it sitting on my leg. WTF?

Hmm, yeah, I think I bought about $20 worth of stuff.

Oh, wait, I have to declare it? That sounds like it might slow me down; maybe they'll even make me open my bags or something. Don't wanna do that.

Yeah, I bought $0 worth of stuff.

12. Livestock? Well, there was that cow at the barn I petted. But if I check "yes," they might stop me. Nope, I'm checking "no." I'm pretty sure it didn't have mad cow disease anyway.

Cute little soda can.

This was actually a halfway decent meal.

Ooh, the edge of Greenland, cool!

I love the little maps.

First stop for food in the US: burger, fries, and a malt. And I think I ate like half of it; crazy American portions.

Chicago has a neat airport.

And even a dinosaur skeleton!

Although this part is a little trippy.

So Chinese people only use taxis, hotel shuttles, and buses?

Another example of why you should always have two or more options, whether it's computers in a motel or bathrooms or checkout counters or anything: if someone is on one for a really long time, at least people who are in a hurry can use the other one.

Hey, that doesn't look good.

Our plane was delayed a bit because they found some random wire hanging out. They got it checked out and it wasn't a big deal, but in the meantime, the ground crew had left, so we were all ready to go but with nobody to push the plane back. I was about ready to offer to go help push it myself when these guys finally came. Peace out, dude.

Thankfully there wasn't too much mail to come home to. Honestly, why even use mail any more? Everything should be online now. Like is it worth a 44-cent stamp to mail a check for $2.03?

Aw, my old Citi card was really cool (black with silver), and the new one is boring blue. Not to mention it looks too much like my blue Chase one.

Sunrise over the bridge by our house.

I'm sure the dog would love to chase those cows.

Ooh, lots of deer sausage.

Action Line on AM 1300 where people call in to buy or sell stuff.

Three ratchet sets and the adapters for every single one have been lost, sigh.

Switching out freezers.

Fun moving them through all of this crap.

The old one was so big we had to take the doors of their hinges. Honestly, why make something like that? The new one is just a few inches smaller but is so much easier to move because of it.

Walking the dog at Hiddenwood.

Thankfully the muskrat swam away before she got too close; I don't think she would have done too well in that fight.

One of my favorite parts of coming home is the food. Deer sausage is easily one of my top three foods.

We had a lot of fun playing with those of kids.

Hold onto the dog! If she goes after the rabbit, it's going to be a pain to chase her down.

Ooh, she found a hole. What's in it?

Getting a good sniff.

Dig dig dig.

She even grabbed parts of the ground with her mouth and tore them out.

Good job! That's a huge hole you made. Now let's get out of here before someone sees us.

Not a fan of the rope.

Chasing a pheasant. They can run pretty fast, and if that doesn't work, they always have flying as a backup. Don't think she's gonna catch it.

Half of the parents' camping gear.

And the other half. Honestly, who needs a household's worth of stuff just to go camping?

My favorite sign.

Playing rummy. I swear, everyone is a dirty cheat.

A sunrise from the house as I leave for Texas.

Aw, my backpack ripped from being overstuffed. Oh well, nothing a needle, thread, and five minutes can't fix.

Dumb cop tailed me for over an hour; so annoying.

I love these rocks in front of this store at the big curve in the road in Pierre. That's one way to stop someone who doesn't make the corner from plowing into your building.

Even if I still had my phone, AT&T doesn't get a signal for like half of this trip, so gotta have an atlas and a compass. I'd be OK without the compass if I could see the sun or stars, but it was overcast, and I can end up driving in the wrong direction pretty easily.

Lots of buffalo on a ranch.

They apparently have a different definition of "happening" than I do.

Canadian quarters sneak into our currency supply pretty easily. Which wouldn't bother me, except a lot of times they don't work in vending machines.

I love Rain-X.

The most retarded toll road ever. It's in Iowa and there's only one start and one end AFAIK. Honestly, why?

It'd be nice if you had a place and happened to find oil beneath it.

I had been using drive throughs and eating in my car, but I felt BBQ was worth stopping for.

Friendly driving, in Texas? Ha ha, yeah right. More like aggressive as hell.

The flowers are pretty.

Lots of overpasses; we're definitely not in the Midwest any more.

And traffic jams, sigh.

Not only did this accident completely stop traffic in the other direction, it really slowed it down on this side. What should have been a 5-minute drive took 30+.

A new goal in life: live on a street called Jupiter. Honestly, how cool would that be? "Where do you live?" "Jupiter."

A cute little motel we saw on the way back to Houston. We mentioned it to the owner, so he gave us a key and let us look around.

Pretty nice room.

They were remodeling, but they still had some room available.

I hate the highway entrances where you have to cut across oncoming traffic.

Great, if I move my arm, she'll wake up, and if I don't, it'll fall asleep.