2011 Apr 16 | San Jacinto Day festival

I kept driving past the exit to 225 and ended up U-turning twice before realizing the exit was closed.

Just follow the murals.

These remind me of the Globe in Stockholm.

It's hard to distinguish the monument from all the telephone poles and refinery towers from the highway.

Now just have to wait in line.

After waiting for 30 minutes, we finally got to the front, only to be told all the parking lots in the park were full. Not a big deal, though, because there were lots of lots on the roadside just a little ways back.

The park entrance.

An old-school encampment was set up.

Kids' zone? Oh yeah, we're so there.

Display from the Houston zoo.

Cool flint knives.

Gotta check out all the food vendors before deciding what to eat.

Aw, how nice; the drinks at the top were warm, so he dug down into the ice to get us cold ones.

Some dancers up by the monument.

A demonstration featuring birds, although I'd seen the same one at Discovery Green earlier.

Some wild raspberries, yum!

"Can only children do it?" Nope. :D

A benefit of being a pretty woman: the sand-art guy focused exclusively on Jenny while she was there, which annoyed the woman who was helping him, heh.

And he even tapped it in a special way so there would be two different patterns, one on each side.

Side 1.

Side 2.

Waiting for the battle re-enactment to start. Jenny: "I don't want to sit on the ground; there are insects." Me: "No there aren't; just sit down" (while trying to keep her from noticing the spider on my foot).

And on my knee.

And on my shirt.

Some settlers moving across the plain.

The cannons were really loud; they made a lot of kids in the audience cry.

The battleship.