2011 Apr 23 | week with Jenny

Hairspray at Miller Outdoor Theater.

I'm sure there's something I could say about a black dude trying to be cool by keeping his shades on while it's completely dark outside and therefore making him unable to read the messages on his phone while watching a musical about racial integration, but I just think of the proper words.

Our favorite brunch spot: Baby Barnaby's.

Ooh, very nice; someone repainted what was the really ugly house across the street. And it even matches the restaurant!

The hardest decision about going here: eat outside in the beautiful weather, or eat inside to watch the awesome fresh orange juice maker?

Or just take whatever is available first; in this case, inside.

Go, orange slicer and squeezer, go!


This woman is always out tending to her yard when we go there.

I hate the Galleria, but at least they have an arcade. Not that there are any games I like. And I realized the SF4 machine only takes $1 bills after I changed all my $1 bills into tokens.

My two fortunes from Pei Wei. Hmmm.

Trying to get Jenny's Russian passport. We're supposed to go to room 113, but there's nothing between rooms 111 and 115.

Ah, a sign.

Hey, wait a second; that says "India visa center." Not "and Russian ones, too."

I needed a flashlight for a night run, but I was paralyzed by options. Should I buy a really cheap one? But it might not be bright enough and avoiding a sprained ankle is surely worth $25 for a better one. But I don't want one that's too heavy. Oh, and over here are headlamps. With those, again, though, there's the question of how bright do I need it? And if I get one that's too bright, it might mess up my night vision, which could be a problem. And I don't want to hold a flashlight the whole way, but it gives me more freedom in where the light points than a headlamp. Ah, choices.

Aw, my chicken McNugget looks like a heart.

It's cool that I'm staying less than a mile away from Memorial Park, and it's really quick to drive to. However, it takes much longer to drive back because the shortest route involves this one-way street.

Dumb traffic circle.

Really? The fingerprinting agency used by the Texas optometric association also doubles as a chiropractic clinic? Not to mention offering drug testing.

Trying out Five Guys, which supposedly has great hamburgers. The burgers were good, not awesome, but I loved the free peanuts.

Lots of eaten peanuts.

Cute little car.

Off to Barcadia.

They didn't have as many games at Joystix and the controls on many didn't work perfectly.

Skee Ball.

This is one of the hardest games ever.

Probably my favorite arcade game from when I was really young.

Man, these old games are impossibly hard. My brain couldn't figure out the whole "one button to thrust, one button to shoot" control scheme.

More games.

Once we figured out how to play this, it was a ton of fun. Just mash the buttons.

Good thing the games were on free play. This guy spent about 30 minutes beating Goro.

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap!

The bar.

Me schooling a guy in MK.

They have an outdoor area with oversized Connect 4.

And Jenga.

That's probably the coolest way of dealing with a hole in a car that I've ever seen.

Neat building.

Some of the parking spots at this Dave & Busters are impossibly small.

Oh no, get the Asian away from the coin dropping games.

I swear this game cheats; I shot the animals plenty of times and didn't get bonus tickets.

Hey, she's cheating!

Nice; don't even have to get up to request service.

My favorite game of the night: torpedoing ships.

The Skee Ball games were all messed up; only one or two actually had any balls in them until we got an employee to fix them.

There we go.

Hey, everyone is getting 500 tickets from this machine! We gotta play that.

Oh well; better luck next time.

Big wheel.

This one was fun: catch the falling apples in the bucket.

This guy is still here. I don't think he moved the entire night until he finally left.

And he had a nice haul of tickets.

It seems a bit of a waste to shred the tickets. Someone should figure out a way to reconnect them.

Tennis, which was by far the cheapest game for amount of play time you got, not to mention pretty fun.

Motorcycle game.

Coffee Groundz on Bagby for their BBQ Jam Night. And lots of free stuff.

Free snacks.

Free hot dogs and hamburgers.

Another Run performing.

Jenny enjoying a burger.

The lead singer liked to go out into the audience.

And even up onto chairs.

The place was pretty crowded.

Little Woodrow's for turtle racing. Except my main man Left Eye was out. Gotta go with Bjorn since I just came back from Sweden.

Hey, give mine back!

Race #1.

And they're off!

Race #2.

Go Bjorn!

I love when they get to the edge and just sit there with their heads out, staring at the audience.

Sweet! Bjorn takes two in a row, which means I take a koozie.

The best part is watching the people cheer for the turtles when they get close.

Or all the cheap beer.

I do believe their turtle won that race.

Dude, get out of the arena!

Pretty crowded place.

The shared drink buckets are cool, but we're at Howl at the Moon for the $2 beers.

It gets really fun once the whole audience gets drunk enough to start singing along with the songs and going up on stage.

Oh man, I LOVE jasmine!

Funny art car.

Interesting house.

The seated area sold out quick.

Over an hour before starting time, and people are already lining up for open covered seating.

And the hill is already packed.

They had some cool art cars there.

Neat dragon.

We found a nice spot right up front.

Deep in thought.

If I was behind the person with the two giant balloons, I'd be pissed.

LUMA human light show. The creator, Michael Marlin, mentioned one of his first juggling performances being at Anderson Fair, which was cool. This performance was Light Rain, which involved umbrellas.

Light Pulse.

They sold lightup hand wands and had the audience participate in this part.

Highway Safety.

'Bots, which all the kids loved.

Our Shadows Revealed was really cool; the edges of their outfits lit up.

At the end they threw out big balls for the audience to throw around.

Stopping at Buc-ee's on the way to Dallas.

Tons of fudge.

Tons of jerky.

That's interesting.

The highway was filled with cops. I saw at least five people pulled over on the way there and back and twice that many cops driving or on the side of the road.

Another one.


More cops on the way back.

And one more.

Aw, man. I was all excited because I was getting $15 back, which would mean I'd have one of every bill up to $50. But the cashier messed it up and gave me three fives instead of a five and a ten.

Aw, man. I was all excited because I was getting $15 back, which would mean I'd have one of every bill up to $50. But the cashier messed it up and gave me three fives instead of a five and a ten.

The only thing Jenny wanted me to bring back from Sweden. I think if it came down to only being able to send back either me or the slippers, I might still be in Europe. ;)

Aw, how nice. Jenny's mom gave me some strawberries for my drive back to Houston.

Gas at Kroger with a member discount, which is pretty much the cheapest in Houston AFAIK and according to GasBuddy: http://www.houstongasprices.com/index.aspx?&area=Houston (I especially like the map; the prices show up once you zoom in far enough).