2006 December

This sign says "last day!" but it's out here all the time.

This guy was waiting for BART and I went and stood next to the black rectangle where you get on. He started singing The Police's "Don't Stand So Close to Me" under his breath. After about 20 seconds, he started getting twitchy and asked if I could give him some space. I figured I'd rather step back a ways than get pushed in front of a train.

I wanted some eye drops at Wal-Greens. It was locked, so I went up and asked the lady at the photo counter to open it for me. She said I had to push the button and someone would come. So I walked back and pressed the button, at which point the same lady came right back and unlocked it.

Playing soccer on Sunday.

A woman on BART had lots of feathers in her hair.

People kept asking this old woman on BART if she wanted their seat. She kept saying no, but thought it was very nice that people always asked her every time she rode.

If you're not paying enough attention to realize you can't get through the intersection because the cars ahead of you are backed up and you drive forward, blocking the way for people driving the other direction, they should be allowed to plow into you and you have to pay the bill.

I saw a table with a bunch of neat books at Barnes and Nobles; then I realized it was the children's table.

I actually had to scrape frost off my windshield a few mornings. Thankfully, I still have a snow scraper, unlike approximately 99% of the people in the area.

Two bags at Target that are exactly the same except for the color, and the black one is $2 more.

Nia's mom, Prince, helped me out at the airport.

The walkway that takes you from the terminal to the plane got stuck in the snow at Denver, and they had to go push it around some.

Then the plane got stuck, and they had to get a little truck to pull it out.

I was somewhat concerned that we were moving around on a runway mostly covered in hard snow with patches of clear space; I figured it wasn't the safest surface to try to take off from. Thankfully the end of the runways were clear.

I was halfway asleep as we had been on the ground in the plane for an hour or so when a bright light shone in my face and I saw this staring at me. For a second I thought it was that lifter suit thing from Aliens coming after me. It was just the de-icer, though.

I honestly think I could have gotten my hand through these bars.

Ah, South Dakota, where they sell shotguns at Wal-Mart.

I like how the button is labeled "button."

One of the item on Nolan's wedding gift registry was an $80 lego set. Um, no, Nolan, how about a blender.