2011 Apr 23 | Fast Five, VB, Boards

Still haven't figured out a good way around this train north of Washington Ave. Whether I take Westcott to the west or Yale, which goes under the train, I have to go north all the way to 11th St, then come back south, sigh.

Being a biology major, I've noticed a lot of license plates start with CD4.

I hate when I do something and then much later discover a much easier method. This belt was a little too big, so I punched a few more holes in it months ago. Then today I noticed another belt had screws to remove the buckle, looked at this one, and it was even easier: just pull up this clasp, sigh.

Aw, hope she doesn't have to cart her laundry too far.

Had some leftovers in the fridge at school and something above mine dripped pink fluid into my mashed potatoes. That's just great.

Oh, come on! They didn't cut the pizza very well, so all the toppings in the middle were stuck together. Which meant when I pulled a piece out, half of the topping came off.

Three hours before the Fast Five opening. When I was in San Francisco, there already would have been a good-sized line.

That's weird: two different tokens for the game room.

Two hours before opening and there are now about fifteen people in line.

Arg, my laptop and my cell phone are messed up for a few minutes.

The was the first movie after they installed their brand-new seats, and they were comfy.

Hmm, I don't think these sculptures were here before I left Houston four months ago.

They're pretty neat.

An interesting store.

If you have a graphics place, painting a mural is a great idea.

Honestly, why doesn't all coolant come pre-mixed?

Ah, a lot of fun getting back to playing volleyball.

At first it was just 2-on-2.

Now we have a lot of people.

We had Boards on Sunday, but there was a giant March of Dimes going around the closest parking lot. Thankfully they were done by the time it got close to take the exam.

A little Boards after-party at the Den.

Post-boards celebration continued at Doneraki.

An interesting couple at Erotic Cabaret. As soon as he walked in, the entire store reeked of marijuana. I've never smelled another human being that had such a strong weed fragrance. And she was looking for the tallest platform heels in the store and definitely looked the part.

Ooh, shiny.

That doesn't look like an official garbage truck.

Interesting, never seen a street surface assessment vehicle.

A couple cool-looking houses.