2011 May 16 | graduation, Galv/SA with parents

The Seawall in Galveston.

Dinner at Tortuga Mexican restaurant.

Dad's new toy: a pistol that shoots both 45 and 410 shotgun rounds.

Feeding pigeons from the hotel balcony.

They'll come really close.

Workers out clearing the seaweed from the beaches.

I like the colors.

Waiting in line for the ferry.

Lots of birds around because people feed them while waiting.

Some even jump up on the cars.

Hey, shoo!

Going onto the ferry.

Leaving the dock.

Seawolf Park, with the USS Cavalla and the USS Seawolf.

A neat building.

Dad and Mom up on the top deck.

A closer picture.

The jam the cars in close.

Another ferry.

Other boats.

Dad and Mom again.

Fort Travis on Bolivar.

That's one way to deter the enemy: plant cacti on the bunker.

At the seawall.

It was damaged in some areas.

I like the ring of trees around the parking lot.

Another battery.

From the front.

Pretty flowers.

All the houses are up on stilts to avoid flooding.

Even the school.

Although this trailer park would be in trouble.

The lighthouse.

People feeding the birds while waiting for the ferry again.

Here they come.

Haha, one pooped on Mom.

And on this lady's car, which made her awfully annoyed. She actually rubbed it off with a rag.

The little kid feeding them.

Evacuation left and right? Uh, it's a boat; if something happens, you can go off any direction at all.

This little girl wanted to walk down the stairs herself. She was doing OK, but it took her about 20 seconds per step, so eventually her dad just carried her.

Dad and Mom in the Jeep.

People feeding the birds from the back of the ferry.

They'd even grab food out of your hand.

Nothing good on TV except for War Games.

Dad got paint on his arm when he leaned into a part that was freshly-painted but without a warning.

Pretty colors.

Playing goofy golf.

It was a pretty neat course.

The first hole.

Here you had to hit the ball through the rotating flower.

One where the ball loops around.

And another spiral one.

This was cool. You hit the ball into the snake's mouth...

... and it rolls through this log and onto the next part.

A bunny that was really tame.

Dad and Mom in front of the dragon.

Another neat hole: shoot the ball through the cannon.

Pretty view.

Have to time your shot for when the drawbridge is down.

In the castle.

Out in front.

Another shot.

The back holes were much more interesting, although this one in front was cool, too.

Mom checking out the seaweed.

Cute USB sticks that look like animals.

There's only one guy in there; how can one guy move a pool table?

Unveiling our class picture.

Everyone trying to get in to get a picture of themselves.


That looks awfully dark; better hurry.

I love Rain-X.

BSK membership.

I had two scholarships.

Me with two of the awesome family practice front desk staff.

Bad traffic on the way to graduation.

Because of this accident.

That's not a fun way to spend the time you're supposed to be at graduation.

Me with Dad and Mom.

Everyone ready to walk out.

We just followed these post-it notes.

Here we go!

Walking out to get a group photo.

Uh oh, the doors are locked. Thankfully someone came by and let us in.

Everybody wandering around.

Out front.

My degree.

Always love this color.

Lots of vultures above the highway. Must be a dead deer or something.

Mom sewing my backpack on the way to San Antonio.

Yeah, because bulk candy really belongs in healthy living.

Neat mosaic along the river walk.

Melanie, Dad, Mom, and me.

I like the bench.

A little lizard.

Lots of dead fish.

Nice arches with a waterfall.

Big trees.

Out onto the square.

The cathedral.

Pretty flower.

Mural and gazebo in the park.

Looking around at the market.

Someone filming a couple.

Interesting statue.

Getting some breakfast.

And eating it outside.

Colorful roosters.

On a double-decker bus tour.

From the back.

A mill.

A nice reastaurant.

The flame statue.

The bus' route.

Tower of the Americas.

Some big buildings.

Sunset route.

A trolley.

The Menger, a big hotel.

The Alamo.

The front of the Menger.

Dad, Melanie, and Mom in front of the Alamo.

The Buckhorn.

The Majestic.

The Empire.

Pretty view of the river walk.

And another one.

Ducks with some babies.

A bird looking for fish.

Another bunch of baby ducks.

A guy feeding the ducks.

Some flowers.

Cool bench.


A great tree to park under at HEB.

Downtown from the highway.

And the other side.

90% of the time when I drive, this is what everyone else does.

Some buffalo.

This horse kept sticking its head out like a dog.