2011 May 21 | billiards with Shu-Ling, mud VB

Wednesday is $5 wristbands at Slick Willie's Pool Hall; you can play all night for $5.

I'm horrible with that thing.

Oh come on, who injures their hand playing pool?

That's a long shot.

And it's good!

Almost forgot that was a big cup of salsa and just about took a big swig like it was a mixed drink. That would have been bad.

This does not bode well for me.

Hey, it's my turn! :)

Waiting in line to get passes to a movie screening. Usually you can show up hours later and they'll still have passes, but at this one, if you weren't there a few minutes early, I think they actually ran out.

There was a big line at House of Blues for My Chemical Romance, even though it was only 3pm and the concert didn't start until 8pm.

Got to Miller Outdoor theater two hours early and it was actually almost empty.

We'll see if this is any good.

Yummy dessert.

Some guy jumped down into the flowers from our section and was walking through them on his cell phone. There's a 3-foot dropoff on the other side which he apparently didn't know about because he fell right off. He got up for a few seconds and then went back down.

They're still checking on him.

Now at least he's standing.

Carting him off.

The end of the show.

Ooh, bad idea: driving down Washington on a Friday night. There are lots of bars and clubs that make traffic horrible.

Saturday was the mud volleyball tournament at the Pasadena Strawberry Festival. There are 128 teams playing on 16 courts; it's huge.

Bruce duct-taping Leslie's shoes on.

Team #1.

Team #2.

Practicing a bit.

It was too bad we had to play each other for the very first game.

I like to go around the foot, around the ankle, and back around the foot with the duct tape.

OK, I don't think you need quite that much. ;)

Our first game against each other.

Bruce with a good hit.

Bruce and Leslie both swinging at the same time.

And my team won.

The other team.

After the first game, everyone was nice and muddy.

Haha, love their team shirts. They say, "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"

More interesting team outfits.


These were my favorite team outfits, with matching duct tape.

Not gonna walk all the way around.

Fun golf cart decorated with strawberries.

The morning was overcast but it didn't rain and it was still hot. It was actually better than being sunny because then I didn't have to wear sunglasses, which would have just got covered in mud.

Someone lost a sole.

Having fun in the mud.

Our camp.

You could tell the more competitive teams because they'd try to run out of the pit for the ball.

This was hilarious; they painted themselves with neon pink paint.


Ew, yuck.

Great over-the-head swing.

Me about to hit the ball.

Practicing again.

Another sole.

Uh oh, they must have lost something. Hope it's not too important.

I had this rock in my shoe. I tried to work it out without taking off the duct tape, but that just wasn't happening.

Good effort.

Trying to argue that the ball was in bounds.

Big dive.

Having some fun after the game.

Leslie hitting the ball.

Not quite gonna make it.

There were helicopter rides for $25.

Another guy running after the ball.

And their team is done.

Playing around some more.

There was a carnival near the entrance.

And a midway with lots of food.

The helicopter.

Kids' area with giant balls they can roll around in.

A magician.

I'm not sure that belongs right by the kids' area.

Showers to clean off afterwards.

Congratulating the team that knocked us out of the tournament. We won, lost, won, won, and lost, so we got to play five games, one more than last year.

Our team.

At the exit, there were some people who were taking dirty shoes. They will clean them and give them to needy children in other countries. Great idea, especially since a lot of people would otherwise throw them away.

That night Bruce threw a surprise birthday party for Leslie.

Yummy cake.

Blowing out the candles.

Playing darts in the back yard.