2011 May 22 | Houston Art Car Parade

These guys were selling popsicles, which there was a huge line for until they ran out because it was almost 90 out. Let's see... they were selling them for $3. Assume they cost 50 cents each and they sold 500, that's $1250 for under an hour of work. Not bad.

And it begins.

The guy could raise and lower the jet.

The doors on this one open up and spin around.

A rather creepy rabbit.

Haha, guy riding an armadillo.

A bunch of ping pong balls on coils. When he'd drive back and forth, they'd wiggle all over.

Now that's impressive.

A ton of chrome.

The crowd loved when they'd lift a wheel up.

A lawyer chasing the ambulance, haha.

I've seen this before at their home when I just happened to drive by. Huge string of flags.

Another one with just a ton of stuff on it.

Some sort of monster turtle? I dunno, but it was cool.

This one is really impressive, too.


Guy on a bike dressed as a shark chasing people on bikes dressed as fish.

I think this one was my favorite.

The one with all the flags going back home.