2011 May 28 | car fires, Alley BBQ, garage sale

Hey, a new WalMart on Siber. Glad I happened to drive by this on the way to Dairy Queen.

We were going to go to the advanced screening of The Hangover 2, but I greatly underestimated how full it would be. We got there two hours and still didn't get a seat.

Someone was buying a few items at the party and decided she didn't need these poppers if she wasn't going to get a discount on them. Uh, they're like 60 cents; how much do you want to save?

"Paranormal Romance?" Yeah, I'm gonna stay away from here.

Although the more expensive books are kind of neat.

Cool car.

If you don't have a card, you can't get in the pool from the outside. If you're inside, you hit this button. I think I'd start to carry a lasso around and use it to hit the button from the outside.

Alley cooking some corn.

Adding meat kebabs and vegetables.

Cool chairs.

A few other players started well, but they didn't have a chance against me in the long run.

Somebody's gonna have a fun weekend.

Just because you're handicapped doesn't give you an excuse to park like an ass.

Uh oh, that's a lot of smoke on 288.

Thankfully it looks like it's off to the side so we can get around.

And at least they have some firefighters.

Doesn't look like the firefighters could save it, though.

And another truck on fire by Antoine and I-10.

Not much is gonna be left on this one, either.

And it even spit some glass onto my truck while I was driving by when it had a mini explosion.

Aw, man, a crack in the radiator. Thankfully it's on top and it's not while I'm on a long drive, but still a pain.

"Do not open when hot!" Um, yeah, it's always hot in Houston.

I got some change from the bank for my garage sale, but I ended up not having to use any of it because almost everyone had correct change. Also, when I got it from the bank, the teller mentioned she was tired from not sleeping well the night before and didn't count the change back. So I counted it in the bank and she had shorted me $100 in fives. I walked back up and she gave me the correct amount, but good thing I double checked; otherwise I would have lost money on the sale.

Some of the stuff I'm selling.

And the rest.

The signs said I officially open at 8am, but this couple was here at 7:07am and I was ready, so I said sure, buy stuff. I think they bought like 1/5 of everything I had, which proved the first rule of rummage saleing: get there early.

Some more at 7:30.

Doing pretty well.

More people around 8:20.

And by 8:30 I was down to enough little cheap junk that I could stick it all in two rough totes and haul it to the thrift store rather than waiting around until noon trying to sell a few dollars more worth of stuff.

This woman kept trying to pull in beside me. She tried, gave up, drove around the parking lot a bit, then tried again. It took her about three minutes to park this poorly, and I had to get in the passenger door and jump across to drive out because I couldn't get in through the driver's door. The sad thing is there is a lot right across the street that had tons of open parking, but apparently she didn't want to walk the extra few hundred feet.

Volleyball on Saturday.

Running for the ball.

Good dive.


Fight at the net.

Hitting it backwards.

Jump spike.

Big lean.

Another big spike.

Good bump.