2011 Jun 12 | Gulf Greyhound Park dog races, Dave & Busters, VB, Orange Show

My favorite contact lens cases, mainly because they use half as much solution as all of the other ones.

Scanning all of my notes from optometry school.

15 3-ring binders full.

I tried to sell them, but nobody contacted me, so I just took them to the thrift store. Which is sad, because I paid around $7 for each, so around $100 total. Interestingly, Amazon sells these exact same ones in a box of 12 binders for $25, down from an original price of $60.

Also getting rid of the beer-cap table I made myself. I'd love to keep it simply because I made it, but I really never use it.

Aw, come on, you shouldn't be allowed to let your bushes grow into the walking path like this.

Recycling center down by Westpark Tollway.

There are lots of Mexican dayworkers waiting around for jobs there.

The tall blue building on the right is 2727 Kirby, a new very neat-looking condominium complex. Right across the street are some more old-school ones, also very neat, so you can have your choice between modern and traditional if you have the money.

The pack of mini-cereal with bigger boxes is only a bit more, so I'm sure it's a better deal per amount of cereal. But it has more cereals I don't like, so then it really wouldn't be.

Ah, beef jerky and ping pong balls. I'm definitely in America right now.

Ducks by the pond at Walmart.

Lots of birds flying around.

Aw, someone threw away a big-screen TV.

The person living here put really thick curtains up and then boxes below them to keep out any light. Not surprisingly, when I saw him, he looked like a video game nerd loner.

Haha, SeriesOfTubes and Ninja Turtles. Great wifi names.

Self-service recycling center.

Pretty bricks in this intersection.

That is one interesting chicken.

Pretty little area.

Some metal business on 288 has all of these neat sculptures up.

Some more.

Bryan invited us to Gulf Greyhound Park dog races on Thursday night. $1 beer, popcorn, and hotdogs? Oh yeah!

Thankfully Bryan printed out a program so we didn't need to buy one.

Figuring out which dogs to bet on.

First strategy: going with whichever dog has the coolest name.

Khoi: "Do you know how to work this thing?" Me: "No idea. Just keep hitting buttons."

Second strategy: looking for which dog goes to the bathroom before the race. Lighter = faster.

And they're off!

Mmm... $1 hotdogs and beer.

To heck with the dogs, let's bet on the kids. I've got the first girl on the left.

Run run run!

Half the time you'd make as much money betting show as place.

Ooh, I got a winner!

$2 to show was my standard bet.

Third betting strategy: bet on whichever dog has the worst odds to make the most money.

Go Jedi Ninja Girl!

At least three times my dog was in the running to show and then fell back at the end, grr.

$6 on food + 12 races at $2 a bet = $30. Winnings = $8, $3.50, $3.50, $4, $11 = $30. Nothing like breaking even on a few hours of entertainment.

Aw, man. I typed in D3 for the Snickers instead of D4. Normally I wouldn't mind too much because I'd just get a different candy, but in this case, I got nothing.

Kid running around with his parents in Walmart with no pants.

I just realized, after having this laptop for a few years, that if I hold function, I have a keypad right there.

Some woman begging in the middle of the road.

Bad accident.

Ooh, it's hot.

As much as I think there's a lot of stuff I'd never use in most pre-packaged first-aid kits, this sounds even dumber.

Ooh, I love this place.

Just give me this chocolate brownie fudge dessert all day long.

I'm sure they do this so people will go, "Aw, I need $7 more. Might as well buy 14 candy bars."

Pretty picture.

At Dave & Busters. This was cool; the hoops were really far away, unlike normal basketball games, so you were pretty tired after a game.

This woman has a whole laundry bag of tickets.

You think they'd be worried about that blowing away.

Neat idea.

Nice try, but I know you're a cop because of the extra mirror.


That's certainly a unique outfit.

This is one is all sparkly.

Love crème brûlée.

The Orange Show, a bunch of artistic works.