2011 Jun 11 | Beer Fest

There were three separate lines for entry: pre-paid, general admission, and Groupon.

Although if you didn't walk by the entrance, you'd have no idea.

The Groupon line was around three sides of the block, and they didn't move that fast. I was in pre-paid, the shortest one, and it still took 30 minutes to get it. Perhaps next year they can work on making the lines move faster.

And I'm in!

Time to get some beer.

But I don't wanna waste my tasting tickets on stuff I've already tried; gotta save it for new stuff.

Brackets for beer pong and flip cup.

There were lots of different stages with different bands playing throughout the day.

One stage.

More beer over here across the little walkway.

Ooh, I love cider; gotta try this.

Cool bottle-cap art.

I'm sure these sold well since it was nearly 100 outside.

I liked this stage the best since it had electronic music.

Lots of vendors.

The bands made their way in through this back entrance by opening the fence. A few random people tried to sneak in, too, but a guard turned them away.

The line wrapped around the block.

Custom-made beer-pong tables.

Cool drinks with dry ice in them.

Although is that really safe to drink?

The main area with beer and food booths.

Not a lot of shade, though.

The main stage.


The other stage across the little walkway again, this time with punk? band.

Not a ton of people right there, but you could hear the music from quite a ways away.

Meh, more common beer.

Ooh, alcohol in a pineapple.

That's an interesting instrument.

Gotta love people who dress up in the spirit of the festival.

Looking towards the main stage.

A lot of people were cooling their legs in the water.

The line for Böner beer was quite long. I'm assuming most people were trying it just for the name.

Back to the electronic music stage.

I didn't see any free tickets to the wine festival, but they were giving out tons of extra wine glasses from last year's event.

The flip cup tournament.

A team celebrating a win.

A lot of people brought chairs and set them up in this shaded walkway.

A climbing tower.

Back to flip cup.

The last guy for the team on the right was really competitive, yelling and calling the other team cheaters for not drinking all the water in their cups. Although I think he might have been right.

This older team on the left was really good; they usually got the cup flipped on the first try.

Over to beer pong for a while.

Fun outfits.These guys on the left were really intense.

Back to flip cup.

Both these teams were really fast.

But the tuxedo team won.

Onto the grand finals: Tuxedos vs Sweet Tea.

And Sweet Tea takes it.

Both teams were good sports afterwards.

Celebrating their $4000.