2011 Jun 15 | driving from Houston to Salt Lake City

Wouldn't it be easier to move the sign back 2/10 of a mile and just put 1 mile?

Goodbye, Houston!

If you're going to have a sign store, you better have a damned good sign. These guys do not disappoint.

Valero had the cheapest gas.

Nasty accident.

Somehow cars ended up in both ditches.

Uh oh, gotta watch out for deer here. This one ran right in front of me.

Gotta have my traditional road-trip meal at least once: nasty old gas station pizza, Corn Nuts, beef jerky, and cherry Coke.

Pretty sunset.

Pretty clouds, too.

Almost down.

Although it was a bit of a pain driving right into it.

Normally I love driving at night, but there were so many bugs (not to mention the threat of deer), that I gave up for the night.

Aw, come on. I'm in the middle of nowhere, so my phone can't get the internet to find the phone numbers of local motels to ask prices, and there's no phone book by the pay phone.

Just gonna have to look for signs. Ah, here we go: $34.

And actually a lot of stuff for that price. Gotta love small towns versus cities for motel prices.

Nice little room.

With not only one bed...

... but two. Although this is really only like half a bed.

Aw, how cute. The internet password is their phone number, and they have a bunch of copies of it hand-written on a piece of paper which they cut off and give to guests.

A fire by the side of the road.

Free 72 oz steak? Yeah, but I'm sure that's only if you eat it in an hour. If I had known I'd be driving by this, I wouldn't have for the past few days and given it a try.

They had a ton of ads for the place.

$3.49 for gas, not too bad.

These two-way feeders can be confusing.

I like the "on this side of the fence."

Cadillac Ranch.

A bunch of Cadillacs partly buried in the ground.

Discarded cans of spray paint were all over in the field.

People are welcome to spray whatever they want on the cars.

Would have liked to see some amazing spray paint art, but most people weren't too creative; mainly just initials.

10 cars total.

One last shot from the other side of the highway.

I see you!

Thankfully there wasn't too much of this, semis passing each other very slowly.

I dunno; perhaps "Land of lots of boring roads" would be more accurate.

I wonder why.

More for something to do than because I was hungry. If you're gonna eat out of boredom, might as well eat something with few calories.

Rest area closed? Not if you're in a pickup and can just drive around the barrels.

Some of the bridges were rather pretty.

I usually kept it around 75mph because I didn't want to go much above 2500rpm.

But there were lots of hills, so I'd have to turn the cruise off constantly while going up them or else the rpm would spike. There should be a way to set cruise control so the tachometer is constant rather than the speed.

There were tons of billboards for the Flying C Ranch.

Some on this side, too. All together I think there were around 20 of them.

Might as well stop and look around.

Something positive like that works much better, at least on me, than a negative punishment for littering.

All kinds of jewelry.

Lots of little trinkets.

Aw, that's so cute.

Had to take my picture with him.

That's a lot of money.

Some huge horns.

Tons of fireworks.

More fireworks and another bear.

Some neat guns.

That's an awfully high load.

Another bunch of signs for another store.

Similar items, except this one had lots of t-shirts.

Cool, snake-skin wallets.

That's a real name?

Hey, he's speeding.

Hot tar; don't wanna be behind that.

I think the people in New Mexico were some of the worst drivers I've ever seen. Watch out for these plates.

Seriously, a garbage truck in the left lane?

Oh boy, I hope that's not the country.

Back to some cheap gas.

What you saw most of the time: lots of little shrubs in an otherwise bare land.

Hey, what's that?

Aw, cute dog.

Some neat rock formations.

Lots of pink ones.

Um, I don't think the hills are quite that steep; it's not San Francisco.

A little pueblo.

Aw, gas is expensive again.

Lots of empty road.

The Four Corners monument.

Flags around it.

A plaque describing it.

I don't think I could name the states involved without cheating.

There were lots of vendors all around the monument.

The four corners.

The central part.

Thankfully I got there early in the morning so there weren't too many other people.

Most people got a picture in the middle and then one in each state.

Most people also just laid on their backs with their arms and legs outstretched when they were in the center, but this seemed more fun.

Into the next state.

And the next one a few minutes later, haha.

There were lots of dogs wandering around on the Indian reservation.

Oh no.

Not good.

From growing up with construction, I bet I know the next sign.


Although this is all it was; almost nothing. There were a few other spots with minor construction as well, but nothing major.

Don't see many of these.

Pretty dam lake.

The snow-capped mountains in the distance were especially nice.

Interesting rock structure.

This one looked like a turtle.

Some more of the neat flat-topped buttes.

The radio would have a few-second delay in different areas, especially low ones. My best guess is the waves were bouncing off of the rocks instead of coming directly.

I liked going through these.

Whenever you see a little parking area off to the side of the road with some vehicles there, always stop. There's probably something interesting to see. In this case, it was Wilson Arch.

Cute little place.

It's not fun getting stuck behind a slow-moving truck with no passing lane. This guy had at least 20 cars behind him.

Thankfully it never happened to me.

It's amazing how much difference a single number can make. This gas was $3.67...

... which was only 6 cents cheaper than most of the other places in town. However, seeing a "6" instead of a "7" in the tens position made my brain basically scream, "Free gas!"

A little lift you could take up the hill.

Pretty river.

I'm sorry, but a single non-flush toilet with nothing else around should not count as a "rest area."

I was really in the mood for a small, independent burger joint instead of a chain restaurant. Thankfully I drove by this place.

The girl even came out to take orders from your vehicle.

Pretty clouds.

Another fun hole through the mountains.

The road and railroad both followed the river.

Another site I only noticed because people were stopped by the side of the road looking at it.


More pretty.

Fallen rocks. Thankfully they're all really small.

Love the mountain in the background.

These were unexpected.

Aw, man, that's disgusting. Gotta love roadtrips.