2007 January

Not a sign you see at many airports.

Clouds from the plane.

I needed to get to Concourse C. There was a shuttle to it, but I wasn't sure if walking would be faster. Is Concourse C 100 feet or 4 miles away? There were already a ton of people waiting, though, so I figured I wouldn't get on the next shuttle anyway, and I walked. It only took me about 15 minutes, so about a mile.

This place had a great sign, although you can't really read it. It says "No soda sold here" or something like that; only beer.

I love when the people in front of me pay with all change.

Pretty hard to see, but there's another plane much closer than I thought they would fly. You can just make out the contrail of it in the middle of the picture to the right of the clouds.

Ah, the classiness of low-slung jeans plus the coolness of taking up more than one seat. Uh, his ass is practically on the seat. I wonder how often they disinfect the train cars. I don't like touching anything in BART with my bare hands. And if I lean my head on the window to nap on the way home, I make sure to put my hood up.

At Dr. Chu's retirement / 30th anniversary party, this couple performed ballroom dancing. I think they're the California amateur champions. There was also a 8-or-so course meal.

This kind of toilet paper is useless.

A poor delivery guy was trying to get to the FedEx store. When he went between buildings, though, the lighter packages got blown off by the wind. Everytime he tried to put some back, others flew off. A couple of other people and I held everything down for him until he got back into a building.

At this movie theater, they put the large cups in front, and you have to try to squeeze your arm between them and the wall or pop machine to get at the medium and small ones.

A Church's Chicken near where I live. There's a pretty big curb at the drive-through, so people usually don't pull close enough to the window and end up having to get out of their cars to get their food.

A guy sleeping on BART. Most people get pretty annoyed by people taking more than one seat, but if someone is sleeping, they generally leave him alone.

Ah, the strong California work ethic. Notice the complete lack of topping on the breadsticks; they were basically inedible. I had picked up a pizza from this Pizza Hut before. A couple came back with a pizza that had no cheese on it and wanted the regional manager's phone number. The person working the cash register said she wasn't going to give it to them. They said she had to; she said she wasn't. The woman with the pizza told the worker to come out and she would kick her ass; the employee told her to bring it on. I was trying to decide if waiting for my pizza was worth being shot. Thankfully, the couple stormed out after that.

I love this BART sign. "If you see something unusual..." Uh, how about the guy who looks just like a mafia hit man staring at the bag?

Oh yes. If you're going to use 3 coupons for everything you buy, please be in front of me in the "10 items or less" lane. That way four people in the regular lanes can get out of the store faster than me.