2011 Jun 20 | Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

The entrance to the Grand Canyon state park.

One major drawback of traveling alone: it's usually cheaper to split costs among multiple people. Seriously, $25 for seven days per a car? How about I give you three bucks for one person for two hours?

I should have sold this to someone in line to get in when I left.

That looks like a nice piece of rock jutting out into the air at the Yavapai observation area.

Long ways down.

Simply awesome.

A panoramic from the Yavapai observation area.

Even with a map while driving around, half of the roads aren't named on the map and there are no signs saying which way the rim is. You only get that here, after you park and can see it with your eyes.

Map of the major landmarks.

Mather Point is the major observation area.

Another panoramic from Mather Point.

Long ways down. While the rim around the major observation areas had a barrier, most other places didn't.

Someone in traditional indian dress.

Ooh, another fun spot to stand on. Gotta go out there.

An amphitheater.

I love the little tree growing in the crack.

OK, have a little more courage now, let's hold our head off the edge.

While I was taking this picture, the biggest bee I had ever seen came buzzing along. Thankfully I dove back towards the path and not off the edge. Some people on the path were running away from it, too.

Brain: "Hey, legs, can we get a little closer to the edge? It'd look cooler." Legs: "Ah, no. We're staying right here, thank you very much."

Might as well tip my head back, right?

Actually, this was pretty comfortable.

My view.

Haha, what sissies, I was a lot closer to the edge than that.

I swear Asians must be vampires; don't want even a glimpse of sunlight.

A model of the canyon in the visitor's center.

I drove backwards in front of this thing to see if it'd give me a negative speed, but it just goes blank for anything below 5mph. :(

There were lots of helicopter and plane tours of the canyon.

Had to go through a security checkpoint for the Hoover Dam.

I like how the rocks have two colors.

A cute little car someone was driving.

The bridge from on top of the dam.

A panoramic. After 500 pictures of the Grand Canyon moving my camera around little by little to get panoramas, I'm apparently getting a little lazy about covering all the areas.

Looking down the dam.

That's fine at a beach, but here?

As is that. And boots in the middle of summer?

Going up to the lookout spot.

You take this path to get up to the bridge.


The dam from the bridge.

Another panoramic.

I liked the shadow the bridge cast.

The path up to the bridge had these interesting little areas.

With various info panels.