2011 Jun 20 | driving from Salt Lake City to San Diego

The Utah state capital.

Pretty clouds in the mountains.


Dumb wiper put a line in the Rain-X / windshield. Out of 80 cars I watched, only 4 had Rain-X. 5% penetrance seems pretty small for such an amazing product.

Pretty view from a bridge.

This is the saddest looking box of food I've ever gotten from a Dairy Queen. The chicken strips are tiny and they gave me like 20 fries.

Another pretty view.

Neat looking mountains in the distance.

I stopped to get gas here and there were some good ol' boys sitting around and animal heads on the wall; just a tad scary.

I wonder what that means?

There were lots of dead animal remains around here; not a good sign.

Ooh, another letter up on a hill. But this was by a town that started with the letter K, so maybe that's what they mean?

Welcome to Arizona.

Neat-looking hill.

Got stuck behind these slow-moving trucks on a winding road for a few minutes.

The road curves all the way around.

Long, empty stretch of road.

Big rocks.

Neat little river.

The front of the pickup is all smashed in. Whatever happened, it doesn't look good.

These power lines seem really low.

That's a bit weird.

There were lots of bicyclers on the road.

One of the support cars for the bicyclers.

Ooh, finally some trees.

Different ones.

It looks like a fire took out all of these trees.

No phone signal at all.

This house is way out in the middle of nowhere and I didn't see any power lines around, so I wonder if that giant solar panel is the only source of energy.

Airplane museum.

Ouch, not going to fill up here.

I think I'll stay away from this guy. It's almost like he's collecting them. Hazardous placards, gotta catch 'em all.

Two cars flying down the road together.

One of my favorite signs. Not only is it kind of fun, it means my vehicle made it to the top without the transmission dying.

OK, back under $4; that's better.

Too bad the super-cheap motels are never anywhere near where I'm staying for the night.

The dumb hot sun was shining on my arm and leg.

So my body would unconsciously move away from it until I was curled up to the right.

I don't think the Skywalk is worth $30 since I just saw other parts of the Grand Canyon.

Lake Mohave from an outlook.

There were some vendors with their items on blankets.

I like the two-toned rock.

And into Nevada.

One of my favorite road signs: look out for bighorn sheep.

The Vegas strip from the distance.

They were discussing this rave on the radio while I was passing by the sign.

This is one way to get advertising, I guess: sponsor a bunch of miles.

Although the sign said, "Sponsor a highway" rather than "Adopt a highway," which means they pay professionals to do it. Aw, that's too bad; I'd like to see the CEO out there picking up trash to show he really cares.

There were a lot of them.

Ooh, a roller coaster.

I had forgotten about this.

The dumb "Hey, let's have trucks go 15mph slower than the rest of traffic because all research studies the major cause of accidents is speed difference, not high speed" signs.

Great name. Long ago I read about a salami slicing scam (like the one the guys think of in Office Space) where the criminal was caught. He had it set up to divert tiny amounts of interest into the last account in the bank and set his last name as something like Zyzz, but then a real customer named Zzyzky opened an account and notified the bank when his account kept increasing.

I guess I don't need this any more.

This guy was annoying. He was driving a little slower in the left lane, so a bunch of cars would pass him on the right. Then he'd speed up and they'd do it all over again.

Looking back at an inspection stop coming into California.

Since I'm in California, I guess my first meal should be here.

Although I've never thought it was that special. Meh, just a burger and fries.

Google Maps updated. Yeah, great, the major addition I see are the dumb ads that make everything load slower.

Maybe I should hang on to these. You never know when I'll need some free parking at UH.

I don't think they're open for business. Although a HoJo for $40 a night would be nice.

I love people with funny wifi names.