2011 Jun 25 | LA redditor meetup

First stop was the observatory.

Ooh, I can see the Hollywood sign from here!

View of LA to the SW.

To the S.

To the SE.

The group that was there.

The observatory.

Great little pinata to let people know where we are.

Then we moved down to a park by the Greek theater. Some people playing Scrabble.

A card game.

Apples to Apples.

The box said for up to 10 people, but we had way more than that playing.

Awkward, nerdy, and comfortable. Yep, that's reddit in a nutshell.

Next stop was Guelaguetza restaurant. Here are some prizes they had for raffles.

Cheap food.

And cheap drinks.

It was pretty packed.

The Snoo, the special drink made just for us.

Tamal De Mole.

The Gold Cup finals, USA vs Mexico was playing. Half of us actually wanted to watch the game, and the other half ignored it. It was actually a really great game, though.

Doing some raffles.

Most people just put their names on their name tags, but this girl put her subreddits, heh.

The highlight of the night: arm-wrestling tournaments.

There were a lot of big guys, but then this smaller guy in a red shirt came in and started demolishing everyone.

By far the best match: two little Asian women vs the guy. He let them think they were going to win for a while and then took them down.

BigAngryBlackMan won a belt buckle.

I so want to win that in the raffle.

The big prize was two sets of Dodgers tickets.

A little reddit alien made out of salt.

Some more arm wrestling.

We took up half of the restaurant; the other half was normal diners and this band.

One of the prizes was this 45-piece jigsaw puzzle which was much harder than it seemed.

Almost done.

Got it!

The pinata on a microwave (inside joke).

These people were awesome! They were drawing caricatures for other attendees.

Someone was going around with a Polaroid camera and taking pictures of people. They had stopped producing the film, but I guess some other company started making it again.