2011 Jul 02 | driving around southern LA, Orange County

Downtown LA.

I usually get my oil changed at Meineke, but all the ones around here got really bad reviews. So I checked at this JiffyLube, but they had a lot of people waiting and it was going to be at least 45 minutes.

This place right across the street had no customers at all, though, so I went there.

Although they messed up the reminder sticker.

My odometer says 123,505, and they put 1,237,800. Um, I don't think so. First of all there's an extra 0 at the end, and second, where did they get that number? It's not an eve 3000 or any thousand multiple away from any other number. n

Aw, man, cut myself on these roses.

A $7 hair cut?

Ooh, squirrels.

And birds.

And a big bird.

And a bunny rabbit.

And even a humming bird.

This is a nice app except that it doesn't connect 80% of the time.

A big row of newspapers.

Wait a second, that's not a newspaper.

One big difference between California and Texas is you can make a U-turn anywhere in Texas.

That's a discount I haven't seen: 10 cents with a car wash.

Another difference from Texas: a lot of the motorcyclers here drive between the lanes.

A neat antiques store.

Shiny watches.

I wanted a pizza, but they didn't have any ready. The woman said it'd be another seven minutes, so I said I'd shop a little longer. When I came back, there still weren't any pizzas out. But then she saw me and said she had saved on in the back for me. How nice.

Another biker between the lanes.

Hmm, I wonder if his wife made him buy that? Actually, it'd be funnier if he put an "I" in front of it.

A big line of cars.

All going down this exit. I wonder what's down there.

Korean friendship bell up on a hill in the south bay of LA.

Interesting wooden sculptures.

A view from the hill.

I like this basketball court. It looks like if you miss a rebound the ball could go off into the ocean forever.

This McDonald's was under construction, as must have been the speaker to order, because one of the employees was standing out here taking orders from the cars.

Taking Pacific Coast Highway south from LA.

Uh oh, a traffic circle.

So far most of the drivers have been fairly average, not too mean or nice, but this woman was horrible. She cut me off four times in five minutes. For example, she'd be behind me, I'd hit my blinker to go into the other lane, and then she'd hit the gas and go into that lane before I did. I was so pissed.

Another biker between lanes.

By Huntington Beach, I think.

I thought there would be a lot more tourist shops along they highway, but this was the only area with them. Maybe they were farther inland or out towards the beaches.

There are oil wells randomly located all over the place.

These are neat.

Ooh, I like these. A tad expensive, though.

One way to transport your boat.

I'm assuming two parents and three kids. Better hope their birth control works or they'll have to get a new plate.

Never seen someone transporting their wheelchair that way.

That house has the perfect location.

Laguna beach.

Highway 1 was pretty slow here.

One of the many little side roads off to the ocean.

Lots of houses on the hill.

This one is really nice.

I took highway 5 back up. This poor truck died in the middle of the lane.

A very common street name around here.

There are definitely more personalized plates here than in Texas.

Most noise walls along highways are really ugly, but at least they put some nice panels on this one.

Blue Man Group van.

A huge port in south LA.

Cool row of trees.

Pretty sunset.

Shakespeare by the Sea, a free outdoor theater.

The one about it being illegal to serve people water in a restaurant without them asking for it seems a bit extreme.

This is a Spanish channel, and they were actually having English lessons on Saturday morning. Neat.

Downtown LA.

Hybrid cars used to be able to use the carpool lane, but that law just expired today.

Sunset Blvd has a lot of weird and cheap shops.

Ooh, Berkeley had one of these thrift stores.

Free condoms.

Another retro store with boy scout uniforms and cowboy boots and all kinds of outfits.

Including a shiny blue suit.

Pretty graffiti.

Silver Lake is one of the neighborhoods in the middle of LA.

Interesting trash can.

There was a sale going on at this bondage shop.

There was a line of people waiting for it to open. Which was weird when this family walked through the middle of a bunch of guys wearing leather.

I took Santa Monica Blvd from downtown LA to Santa Monica beach. Not a lot to see on the road itself, but there are lots of tourist attractions around it.

Beverly Hills sign.

A nice fountain.

I think this is the best way to see the area: a double decker bus.

Cool rows of trees.