2011 Jul 02 | Santa Monica beach

Off to Santa Monica beach.

It was a little overcast in the morning, but it burned off by mid-afternoon.

Some women trying out stand up paddle boards. Much more entertaining watching beginners than experienced riders, just to see how long they can stay up.

The reddit sign (and great directions) made it easy to find the group.

Catching crabs and putting them in a bucket.

Our group.

Playing frisbee.

The best throw was when it went past me and landed on the windshield of a beach patrol SUV as he was driving past. I thought he'd be mad, but instead he said, "Great throw!" haha.

A few of us stuck around and played volleyball. We only had three people, but three other people were walking by at the time and asked if they could play, so of course we said yes. It was an excellent game; nobody was too great or too terrible and everyone was just having fun.

A view down the beach later in the day.

Lots of traffic.

Cool tree.

And another one.

I wonder how much those cost?

The pier was fairly crowded.

The Santa Monica pier from the south.

This sidewalk is spongy. It's fun to watch people freak out the first time they walk on it.

Wow, that dude is huge.

He mainly just hung around this climbing rope.

Almost there.

And he's up!

Much harder coming back down.

Another guy trying to go up. Most people failed about halfway up, and even the ones who did get all the way to the top usually came down pretty uncontrollably.

Other people walking on rails.

Swinging on rings and standing on a rope.

This guy climbed all the way to the top of the ring structure.

Although how is he going to get down? It took him a while to figure it out, but he made it eventually.

Some other people playing volleyball. There were lots of courts scattered around on different parts of the beach.

Ah! I didn't see this guy lying down behind the barrier, and he scared me when he sat up.

A busker and people doing hula hoops.

A lot of people completely ignored the "bikes only" rule.

Neat little piece of graffiti.

Some travelers parked near me. I'm guessing they color in a state when they go there.