2011 Jul 02 | outdoor cinema festival food, break things (Je M'en Fous) at Studio Servitu

I swear this is the longest red light I've ever been at.

And then this light only had a green turn arrow every third time.

I think I've got my radio stations pretty much set now.

It looks like the Google Navigation app goes into to night mode about 30 minutes after the sun goes down; the background turns black instead of white.

This sounds neat.

They have it at different parks every time.

Although I don't really want to pay $10 for parking and then another $10 to get in.

Tonight they were showing The Matrix. And there were tons of people there; the entire park was packed.

The screen was gigantic.

After that I went to Je M'en Fous at Studio Servitu, something I had heard about where you can break things. However, they just give you the general area of the place, not an exact address. This was on the same block.

They said it was across from the LA Times, and across from the LA times was this, a creepy, deserted-looking building with a few people standing around one entrance.

So that's where I went, and that's where it was. Although first you had to go up this freight elevator.

And then down this empty hallway.

But I made it. It was a pretty neat little place with a few beds to sit on.

They were playing Evil Dead on the Projector, nice.

Well that's not strange at all.

Over in this corner they had a bunch of plates and vases and things.

Oh yeah, that's what I'm looking for. Typewriters, water coolers, desktops, laptops, a ton of TVs and monitors, a guitar, and an Easy Bake Oven. They also had quite a variety of weapons, including baseball bats, golf clubs, crowbars, table legs, a skateboard, and sledge hammers.

The owner of the place, Miss Crash, taking a bat to a vase. I was talking to her a bit, and she had just gotten back from a trip around the world doing body suspension. OK, I'm just here to break things; if that starts happening, I'm gone.

She's rather happy about her destructive powers.

Batter up.

A crowd watching the destruction. Most people were pretty nice and normal, apart from being dressed in leather and vinyl and such.

Ooh, here comes another TV.

The TVs and monitors were really cool; they popped the first time they got hit.

The funniest moment of the night occurred when she was beating on a water cooler and a little surprise popped out: a box of creamer.

Oops, Miss Crash tried to keep people from swinging down into the little table, but this guy forgot and totally smashed it with the sledge hammer. She also tried to keep people from doing the same on the floor so they didn't crack that, and most people respected it.

A mighty swing.

They duct-taped the table back together, but this girl smashed it again.

She actually broke the head off a golf club, and someone also broke the baseball bat, and Miss Crash told him to use a crowbar instead and duct-taped the bat back together for the weaker women, heh.

Most people didn't realize how heavy the sledge hammer was until they swung it a few times.

It was rather amusing when the weapon would get stuck in the item and they'd keep tugging to get it out.

Out comes the guitar.

Miss Crash on top of the aftermath.