2011 Jul 04 | Fourth of July volleyball

All-day parking in this lot right on the beach is $9 if you arrive after 9am but only $5 if you get there before that. Glad I arrived early.

Since there are so many beaches and so many volleyball courts on each beach, good directions are really helpful. Thankfully they said both the nearest crossroad and a landmark, in this case, Patrick's Roadhouse.

There are a lot of nets right here, and at 8:30 only three nets had been claimed. The others slowly had people playing on them, but I don't think they were all full at any time.

The driver of this Porshe was a bit of a douchebag. First he was laying on the horn at some guy in front of him as they were turning in to the parking lot.

Then this other guy was asking how much parking was, and I said it was only $5 since we were early. Douchebag said, "No way, it's definitely more." I replied, "Well, I just paid $5." Douchebag said, "You're wrong." Then he bought his ticket, and it was $5.

Interesting pattern in the sand.

Our group set up a nice string of umbrellas.

Nice placement on the sign: it stopped a few balls from going too far.

Ooh, yummy, watermelon!

These girls in bikinis were a bit of a distraction.

As was this babe, who kept walking by throughout the day, back and forth between her car and the beach, with no apparent boyfriend in sight. At one point someone asked her if she wanted to play, but she said she had to get going, and walked to her car. But then she walked back to the beach a while later.

A big private area.

Well, just let me see what the wristband looks like. I'm sure I either have one or can make one.

I like that guy's shorts, very colorful. And they kind of match the bikini the girl is wearing.

A sailboat really close to shore.

We went to Tequila's restaurant afterwards for dinner.

We were out all day long, but we kept slathering on sunscreen, so thankfully I avoided getting burned. But I somehow got a little blister on my toe. Oh well, small price to pay for such a fun day.