2011 Jul 10 | LA Beach Volleyball

Time to try out another volleyball group. Getting there early in the morning to get a parking spot. There was mostly street parking but also this little lot.

Sweet, under a tree for some shade.

The city owns all of the nets, and usually they're in pretty good shape, but everyone once in a while one is down a bit.

There were a lot of them.


The bathrooms.

Some big waves.

This woman was the boot camp instructor. Pretty nice looking, except that ugly tattoo ruins it.

Birds hanging out across the street.

A rather icky pond.

And they took up a lot of the space to get into the beach between these barriers.

A guy out with a metal detector.

Ooh, he found something. He had a little sifter can which makes looking for stuff easier. I wonder if he ever gets anything good?

Setting up a net.

And the games begin!

The morning games are more advanced 2-on-2.

Going up for a big hit.

Good effort, but don't run into the post.

Lunch time. Gotta put everything in ziplocs or else it all gets soggy or lost in the ice.

All of the courts filled up pretty early in the morning, by 9 or 10, and didn't really open up until around 5. Occasionally someone would leave and our group would grab the court.

This was a bit annoying. These people would play a game, then sit around for over half an hour, then play again. They could at least share their court when they weren't playing.

After noon we had some less-advanced 3-on-3 and 4-on-4, which was much more my style. Ignoring the fact that the 2-on-2 players are way too good for me, they're also much uptight. They don't really seem to have fun when they play; they're too competitive. I prefer the people who are joking around and laughing the whole time.