2011 Jul 10 | Weekend at Bernie's 2 drink-along, Topanga Beach

I've been wanting to buy another oversized beach towel, but I haven't found any. This person was selling some absolutely gigantic ones on the street, but there weren't any designs I liked. Later on I decided to stop by to see if they had other designs, but they weren't there any more.

Pretty sunset.

The roads on the Fourth of July were pretty good except right here when people were coming back from watching fireworks.

Really? 110? I'm pretty sure anything over 30 is basically useless.

I love their name.

Pretty viewpoint.

A lot of stuff is actually cheaper in a regular store, but I've never found ice for under 99 cents.

This dumb this will sometimes be searching for GPS for a few minutes. Come on, I have places to go!

Maybe it's a name?

I have no problem if you bike for fun, but if you do it claiming it's good exercise, I think it's really inefficient. A good high-intensity 30-minute workout would be much better.

I love how this bridge is half covered in vegetation.

"405 will close rte 10 to 101..."

"...July 16-17 expect big delay." Yeah, that's gonna suck.

$3 per hour??? That's insane. Although it is downtown. Thankfully it was after 4pm, though, so the spots were free.

The Downtown Independent movie theater was having a Weekend at Bernie's and Weekend at Bernie's 2 drink-along for $10 (which included a free drink). One of my all-time favorite movies plus a reason to drink? Oh hell yeah!

Sadly, since I know the entire movie pretty much word for word, I was almost always the first to yell out when it was time to drink.

They also had a rooftop patio with a nice view of downtown.

Some cosplayers on the sidewalk below.

I sat beside these girls during the movie, and we were all having an insanely fun time. There was also beer pong on the patio.

There was a lot of vintage McDonald's stuff here, weird.

"Good source of protein." Really, why?

Ooh, you get double rewards at Ralphs if you show them a Shell gas receipt. Since the rewards reset every 3 months, including July 1st, I think it would be best to go buy like $1 of gas, then go to the grocery store and show them the receipt to get double points, and then go back to the gas station and fill the rest of the way up, assuming you got more than 100 Ralphs points.

Arco may appear to be the cheapest gas station...

... however, they charge 45 cents if you don't use their card or cash, and you can't use credit cards. Since I get 5% cash back with my credit card on gas, that's 20 cents on $4, so it's much better to go somewhere else and use my card.

On Sunday I drove out to the Malibu beaches. I got there around 1pm, and of course, all of the parking spaces everywhere, both in lots and along the road, were full.

I wanted to go to the Malibu pier, but there was no free parking nearby, and the cheapest I saw was $10. Which would be worth it if you had a few people, but not for just me alone.

Neat house up on the hill.

Ooh, that one's really cool.

A little beach area. People were fishing on top of the giant rock, but every once in a while a gigantic wave would wash over them.

Finally found some parking near Topanga beach.

A fair number of people out there.

There was a little inland pool with a lot of birds.

Smart idea putting rocks on the corners of your towel so it doesn't blow away, but I wonder how far she had to carry them.

There were a lot of surfers here.

Some got up.

You can see LA off in the distance on the right. If you look past the dude with the shaved armpits and rather tight bathing suit, that is.

A guy riding the top of a wave.

Some seagulls flying by.

A few more people getting up. It was surprising how few of them went after the big waves; most of them kept waiting.

This was hilarious. A giant wave came up and soaked everyone lying on the beach, haha.

These are surprisingly easy to push down. If you just had a 2x4 with you, you could lay it over them and drive through the wrong way.

Coming back on the 101. There was constant traffic, but it moved fast enough I almost never had to slow down.

Ooh, a little local hamburger stand; I love these! Although it wasn't nearly as good as Someburger in the Heights in Houston.

Cool crosswalk.

Well, it's summer, but I don't know, there could be summer school. Hmm.