2011 Jul 17 | Santa Monica pier, street performers, Women's World cup and billiards

The trees make the drive so much prettier.

The Santa Monica Skatepark, although it was closed.

The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I love the dinosaur fountains.

Ooh, I love this dress.

The fountains are actually on at this end.

That's one big Smurf.

Some neat chairs.

Onto the pier.

People were surprisingly good about staying off the road and walking on the correct side.

Some fun sunglasses, including beer steins and pineapples.

A view to the south from the top of the roller coaster.

And to the north.

Almost at the top.

Here we go!

Actually, it's extremely slow, but at least the view is nice.

A neat little area with water and grass.

A guy with a big snake you could take pictures with.

I love all the twisted trees here.

If you have a flat roof, you definitely should have a patio up there.

There were a lot of performers on the promenade. This was a group of dancers.

This guy twisted his hand all the way around; quite freaky.

Nice backflip over three people.

We went into a sports bar to eat, and wow, look at those margaritas!

Not worth $18, though.

We got there at the perfect time: halfway through the Women's World Cup finals.

The place was pretty packed with people watching the game.

That's the biggest burger I've ever seen.


Yeah, we're up!

Multi-tasking time: watch the game and play pool.

Oh man, Japan is up on penalty kicks.

Oh well, at least it was an exciting game.

Lots of street performers.

This tree looks like a really strong wind blew on it.

That's an interesting sculpture.

These keychains are really neat.

The parking cops in LA are insanely aggressive.

We thought about going to Venice Beach, but there was no free parking anywhere. Although since it was Sunday afternoon, that made sense; just have to come back when it's less crowded.