2011 Jul 19 | billiards, driving around for jobs

Yummy BBQ.

Yep, this is definitely Koreatown.

No English on that sign either.

The parking meters have 4 LED lights that flash red when the time is out and green when there is still time left. It makes it really easy to see spots that still have time on them and park there.

Might have to check this out in the future.

That's about the laziest way of dealing with someone who has left.

This, uh, thing was in a downtown Burger King.

LiKeS WoMen's TV? LacKS With MTV?

If they're charging $75 for a suitcoat, it's a resale shop, not a thrift store, no matter what the sign out front says.

"The gayest store on Earth," hmm?

Well, not compared to quite a few I've been it. Although the sex position zodiac signs were fun.

Dumb smokers and their constant breaks.

Yep, definitely the gay neighborhood.

I haven't watched baseball on TV in forever, but I do like the addition of the batter's box and where the pitch went.

I have to stop and read these signs for like 20 full seconds to figure out if (1) I can park there and (2) if I have to pay at the meter.

Oh come on, you're never going to make it if you're laughing. :)

For having never played pool before, she's quite good at these behind-the-back shots.

Lining them up.

Driving to the east from downtown LA. Good: there's no traffic, compared to the other direction which is completely packed and immobile. Bad: the sun is in your eyes.

But it is pretty out here.

And you don't have to be a movie star to afford a big house with a nice yard.

Pretty mountains in the distance.

This is pretty old-school.

Even a little gazebo you have to drive around.

I've never been a fan of the whole parking-in-the-middle-of-the-street thing. I mean, it's really not worse; it's just different and weird.