2011 Jul 24 | driving around, Level 3 nightclub, GITD VB

My GPS loves Laurel Canyon Blvd, but I'm a bit wary of it.

Because most of the way it's only a single lane in each direction, so traffic can get really backed up, like this.

Although here it widens out.

This is a weird exit. The signs make it seem like you exit off of 101 after the 405 exits, but you actually move into the 405 exit lanes and then exit from those.

So, can you name a private drive whatever you want, or does the city have some say in the matter?

Danforth, I'd assume.

I like the outdoor walkways.

JW and I met for lunch at Genghis Cohen.

It had really good food and a nice quiet atmosphere.

Oh, come on! I want an LA Weekly but the dumb strap is still on. Just have to keep tugging until I pull one out.

Nice murals.

This is early in the morning; the green goes away as it gets closer to rush hour.

I wonder how the GPS knows the speeds in the different areas. Does it use other cars with GPSs? And if so, does each company keep its own stats or do they work together for better information? SigAlert actually uses sensors embedded in the road from Caltrans, so maybe the GPSs use those, too.

I wouldn't mind living there.

We were coming back from the Getty Villa after 2pm and were pretty hungry. I wanted to flag down the driver of this food truck, hand him some money as we were driving down the highway, and have him hand me back some food. Although we decided to find a restaurant instead.

Downtown LA.

One annoying thing about the LA highways is they don't list exit numbers.

We ended up eating at Cafe 50s. And I had to try the buffalo burger from South Dakota.

There was tons of 50s memorabilia all over the place.

Love this dress.

Ah, silly tourist souvenir shirts.

Downtown LA from the observatory.

Panoramic of LA from the observatory.

A giant telescope at the observatory.

Megumi didn't have clubbing clothes, so we had to go get some. I saw these in the mall, and while they probably weren't in our price range or right for the club, I still think they're cool.

Level 3 nightclub.

One of the club dancers.

My favorite club dancer.

Mainly because of her outfit.

The club was in Hollywood in this shopping complex.

Ah, missed this one before.

Sometimes I hate the GPS directions. Like here, it has me turn left at a busy intersection that doesn't have a turn signal, so only 1-2 cars get through on each green. What a pain.

All of the cars backed up behind us.

You see a lot more really expensive cars, like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, in LA than in Houston.

Although you also see the occasional not-so-expensive one as well.

West Side Rentals pretty much has a monopoly on apartments other than Craigslist.

Now that's a lot of cops.

Ooh, I love the foyer to this apartment complex. It has a gigantic table and chairs; awesome.

Aw, that sucks. You have to make under $35,000 to live here. And it's the coolest apartment I've seen so far. :(

Although the rooms are super-efficiency. There's this room, a tiny kitchenette, and a bathroom.

My least favorite thing about LA: parking, especially at the beach. First, all the free street parking was completely taken, even though it was 7pm. Second, I had to wait in line here for 15 minutes to get a ticket for my car. And third, I found out after I bought it that the $8 all-day ticket is only good until 8pm; they lock the lot after that and tow the cars still in it. So I had to drive around and find another lot a few blocks away that I could park in, but that was still only a max of 3 hours. What a pain.

Eating at Cha Cha Chicken. Pretty good food and BYOB.

And we definitely did BYOB, along with plenty of other alcohol.


Well, it really wasn't GITD since we used lightsticks. But same idea.

Swinging away. It was pretty hard in the dark, even with the glow sticks strapped onto the ball, but then again, we had all had at least a few drinks, so nobody was too concerned about the quality of play.

I brought a bunch of my own light bracelets.

My thumb was a bit bruised from hitting the glow sticks on the volleyball.

This was scary. I saw all this broken glass by my Jeep and thought someone had broken my window. Thankfully it was from an earlier car.