2011 Jul 26 | apartment searching, San Diego

This place was decent-sized, but it was a bit dirty.

A downtown apartment complex I checked out, The Piero. It was amazing: gym, pool, spa, piano in the foyer, great view, and just all around beautiful.

The view.

The pool.

The kitchen. However, the room itself was really small, especially for the price of the place.

Another apartment.

Pretty decent and an open feeling. However, it was in a fairly bad neighborhood and the rest of the apartment complex was a bit dirty.

Ooh, open roof access! Gotta take a look before they close it back up.

Aw, just a lot of boring A/C units.

You can see the mountains in the distance.

Although the rest of the complex gets in the way of most of the view.

Hot pot for dinner.

Slices of meat, yummy. Reading down, reading down... um, no, definitely no blood or intestine for me.

Really? A drink holder in a shopping cart?

Ooh, they're so cute. ^_^

Pretty sunset.

The roof is still open. Come and take a look!

A few lights on a hill in the distance.

Nope, too scared of the ladder, heh.

Breakfast at The Mission.

I like the artwork for sale on the walls.

The artist hid words in some of the pictures.

Wow, that's some impressive French toast.

Gorgeous BMW.

Sitting near this.

Great license plate: OC34N with the personalized plate with a whale.

Another area I was looking for apartments in, although the gates scared me off a bit.

I hate when they have metered freeway entrances when there's no traffic.

Nope, not even gonna bother stopping at these apartments. I knew they were a bit east of downtown, but I didn't realize they were that far east.

Although they do have some awesome graffiti.

Neat graffiti.

Oops, leaving gummy bears in your car in the middle of the day during the summer isn't the best of ideas.