2007 February #2

There was a cold going around the entire bay area, and everybody in my office had it except me. Until, that is, I caught it. So I went to bed at 8pm, hoping to sleep through the night and wake up with the cold gone. I woke up and it was 9:50, but it seemed pretty dark. Oh, great, I had only slept 2 hours. It's gonna be a fun night. I got over it in only a couple of days, thankfully.

People tend to double park at rummage sales. Now, if you're on a little side street, it's no big deal. But if you're on a main thoroughfare, it's not a very bright idea, especially if you're parked right after a curve. This truck almost got smashed by buses a few times.

And a guy double parking ahead of me. He actually blocked me in, but I had 15 minutes to wait anyway, so I didn't care. There was tons of parking right on the other side of the street, though, so why not take 2 minutes to go up to the corner, make a U-turn, and park so you don't get in anyone's way?

There's a Thai temple that has brunch on Sundays. You can't pay for the food directly, though. You exchange it for tokens. I'm not really sure why; maybe it's because it's a fundraiser and if you paid them directly, it could be taxed or something. Or perhaps it's because the food is fairly expensive, and if you use tokens you don't notice it as much.

It gets pretty crowded.

Thankfully I went with Daniel the first time there. There's a huge line up front, but it's not the token line. You have to go back to the left to get tokens. This line is for curry. If I would have gone alone, I would have stood in this line for 15 minutes and then found out I was in the wrong one.

They have a pretty wide variety of things. This is the chicken area.

He must live and work in a good section of town.

Something you don't see in South Dakota: hair care products for only black people. Reminds me of the barber who had a sign out front that said, "No African Americans." He wasn't racist; he just didn't know how to cut their hair correctly, although he probably could have used a little more tact.

A folding griddle at Wal-Mart. Yeah, you can make 4 pancakes on a side, but look at their size. The eggs are bigger.

If you want to get your point across, say it 3 ways.

House organizing time. We had a lot of bikes and they kept getting in the way. So Peter bought some hooks and we hung them up. Works much better than having them all over the middle of the living room.

Daniel and I cleaned up the upstairs hallway, too. We took off two doors that just got in the way. We also put the modem up on a little shelf and stapled the wires near the ceiling rather than having them run along the floor.

Don't park right in front of the FedEx building. The FedEx trucks will block you and, and then you're stuck until they leave.

There are often people standing outside the BART exits handing out coupons and things. I usually ignore them, but if they actually have food, I'll grab that.

I read that blind people have a problem with hybrid/electric cars because they can't hear them. I figured they still make some noise; after all, there are a lot of moving parts in a car. But then this one started going and I couldn't hear a thing. Kind of freaky.

I'm not sure what the catch is, but something is fishy. Maybe the camera breaks after 2 uses or something.

I can't stand people who keep umbrellas up after it stops raining. It's just goofy.

Ug, I hate these trees. They drop berries or whatever they are on the sidewalk and then they get squished into my shoes. I'll walk on the other side of the street if I see these things ahead.