2011 Jul 31 | Wal-Mart in South Central LA, downtown Ralph's

So, can I park here?

Ooh, that's the most colors I've seen on a route so far.

List of apartments to look at.

And another one.

That sucks. The workers at Jiffy Lube have to go hold signs on the corner if they don't have customers.

"At any time." Really? I wanna see the box lower at 70mph on the highway. That would be fun.

I thought about getting a motorcycle to make parking easier, but AFAIK, there aren't that many motorcycle-only parking places, so you still have to find a regular spot. Also, I think I'm way too much of a sissy to drive between cars like this.

Gotta love driving against traffic.

That's every meal I make, even if it calls for more; I just ignore anything after the first four.

I don't remember Arby's having a giant cowboy hat back in Texas.

Or a picture of a steer in their floor tiles. And honestly, that's something Texan companies would so do.

Pretty trees.

The windows on this church are gorgeous.

The Walmart in South Central LA.

Yep, this is a great neighborhood. Instead of having the actual cameras out so you can play with them, they just have pictures.

I've been using my credit cards out here for a while now, but never for a really big purchase in a bad part of town. I'm guessing the combination of the two did it.

It's the only Walmart even remotely close by, and instead of being spread out, it's three stories. So you can either use the elevator or this little cart lift. I really hate it, though; everything is squeezed in too tightly and they really don't have that great of a selection in some areas, like sporting goods.

Plus, parking is a pain. Here people are waiting for a spot to open up in the lot.

My one fairly-expensive present to myself: a DSLR.

It even fits into the pocket of my shorts; nice! Although it's a little hard to get out and can bang against my knee if it turns around.

A multi-block sidewalk sale on the weekends near my apartment.

The downtown Ralph's has an underground parking garage. I think the characters on the posts are supposed to be ways to remember where you parked, like how other garages have flower types or something, but honestly, remembering you parked by parenthesis or semi-colon is just a bit weird.

Although these faces by the elevators are kind of cute.

It's a pretty big store.

And even has this little area you can sit and eat, although it's really busy and hard to find a spot.

You actually use this machine to self-validate your ticket.

I have an eco dog wash for you: a hose.

Aw, I hate hearing about events right after they happened.

This house has a ton of David statues out front. Which is a really cool idea, but I think it'd be better if they were all different statues.

Another pretty yard.

The soda machine was out of ice. Except there's some underneath the grate. Who would be disgusting enough to lift up the grate, scoop out the nasty ice down there, and put it into their drink? Hey, I wanted my drink to be cold.

This plate doesn't fit the usual pattern, but that's quite a weird combination of numbers and letters to be custom. Maybe it's some other government-issued one.

A huge ad for Transformers on the side of a building.

The LA Weekly had two different covers.

Better hope your birth control works.

Ooh, I love the little outdoor patios on top of buildings.

This is a super-confusing intersection. You turn left on the left-hand side of the median.

Some neat graffiti.

Downtown from the 10.