2011 Aug 02 | optometry offices, The Grove, Farmer's Market

Office #1: Market Optometrix.

It's very neat inside.

I love these.

Very light.

These are cool, too.

Some of my favorites.


The office is located in the Farmer's Market.

An old gas station.

To the east is The Grove, a shopping center.

A trolly that runs between the Farmer's Market and The Grove.

The view from the top of the parking garage.

To the south, facing The Grove.

To the north, facing the hills.


The Grove has big, expensive stores; the Farmer's Market has tons of little shops.

A Brazilian steak place which is amazingly good for a little outdoor restaurant.

Ooh, Boba! Except their tapioca pearls get stuck in the straws and are a little too chewy for my tastes.

Office #2: 20/20 Central Vision Care.

It's brand new, so still a bit bare bones, but the optometry equipment is nice.

That's so my kind of ad.