2011 Aug 05 | bus, shopping

I'm using the free stuff section of Craigslist to find stuff for my apartment. Usually it's just a single item in each post, but these people were moving and clearing out a ton of stuff so you could just come and grab what you wanted.

It was in an area with a lot of very nice houses.

And trees.

And more neat trees.

A really cool house.

Bad accident on a highway at night; the cars actually got turned around.

Aw, this is nice. A women who works at one of the offices I work at brought everyone this for lunch.

Dumb roadblock in my way.

The biker moved over to the left a bit to let cars turn to his right, but now he's blocking my way when the light turns green.

It takes me about 20 minutes to drive to work from my apartment.

There is a single bus that goes straight to work without any transfers, so I tried taking it. It takes about 30 minutes, which isn't so bad, and it comes every 5 minutes in the morning, but in the evenings sometimes it's more like a 20-30 minute way, which makes it a 40-50 minute commute.

The bus costs $1.50 and you need exact change. Rather than carry that around, I decided to buy some bus tokens.

Hmm... what can I store them in, though? Ah, this contact lens case works perfectly!

A view of downtown from my apartment complex. Although not my apartment itself, since I'm sure the apartments with this view are more expensive. The apartment manager actually lives on the top floor facing this way.

Neat building by the highway.

Creepers are so useful for moving heavy furniture by yourself; much better than dollies for some items.

I love this.

I need one of the GITD volleyballs. However, they're a little too high to reach and there aren't any employees around. Maybe I can use one of these paddles to smack a ball down.

Why does the dust pan have teeth?

I hate buying Post-It notes because I only want the original ones. Not these greener / recycled ones or the colored ones.

Or the ones with lines or wider ones or super sticky ones.

60 cents for 1.

94 cents for 1. Um, it's more expensive; that's not a "value pack" to me.

Aw man, the cool stickers are out and all that are left are the lame ones.

Neat little main-street type shopping area in Alhambra.