2011 Aug 07 | shopping

It looks like all the finished photos are just sitting here, allowing customers to pick their own photos up. But what's stopping some random person from coming and taking a bunch?

Aw, man, I thought the radio was coming in a little fuzzy. My antenna broke off. :(

I can see missing a letter or two, but that's just too much.

I wonder how much of that land the homeowner owns. Because it doesn't seem very useful.

Dumb phone can't get a GPS signal for guidance, but I can see the hills in the distance, so I know that's north.

Underwater camera attached to a snorkel mask; cool idea.

Same with the video camera in the ski goggles.

I think Polaroid stopped and then maybe restarted making cameras and film? But it looks like Fuji has made their own.

Driving a car with headphones is dumb. Biking with headphones is even dumber. At least if you get hit by a car while in a car, you're somewhat protected. Here you just become roadkill.

Love this artwork.

Oh come on! That's like 4 spaces I'd have to go through to get a Big Texas cinnamon roll if the ones on the left run out.

So annoying. Especially when it will map out the direction just fine but won't do the turn-by-turn.

Cool way to display cars.

There's a Johnny Rockets right next door to one of the offices I work at. A bit expensive to eat there often, but it's nice to grab a shake every once in a while.

Cool, a real Humvee.

Gotta love the free stuff section of Craigslist, although you have to be fast to get the good stuff.

Aw, that's actually a bit cool, but it's still only morning.

No way am I getting gas here.

Hmm, shall I go to the beach or go to the beach?

A series of tunnels.

I've finally started making this exit. It's right by my apartment, and as soon as I get on the highway, I head for the left lane. The problem is the highway 10 exit is only like a mile away from where I enter the 110 highway, so I've been over in the left lane and having to fly across four lanes of traffic to get to the exit, which I didn't always make. Now I know better, though.

A huge flying ring thing on the beach.