2011 Aug 11 | shopping at IKEA

Wow, that's by far the cheapest gas I've seen around here.

And this station was nearby, so it's not like it was a really cheap neighborhood.

Picking up a bookshelf I found on the Craigslist free section.

It would be so awesome if that were their initials.

I thought about getting a motorcycle just to make parking easier, but from what I've read they still have to park in a regular parking space, so I wouldn't gain anything by it. Although at the Farmer's Market they all park here and the security guard I was talking to said the management was fine with it.

One great thing about Mexican grocery stores: lots of good salsa.

The numbers are reversed, but then they're back to normal on the wall.

I dunno; why not just wear the full glove?

Hey, that name tag looks like it was Photoshopped on.

Yep, it was. And why does he have an otoscope in an optometry catalog?

This truck used up an entire green light making around this corner because he had to back up a few times.


Before you can check out at Kmart, you have to answer a survey question, which is infuriating; what idiot thought this up?

Relevant license plate.

I got my free bookcase, but a lot of the little pegs were broken. So I went to Ikea to get some.

Thankfully they were really nice and gave me a bunch of free ones.

Ikea sure has some interesting lamps.

Metal-shoe slip ons.

Hey, that's the bookcase I just got for free. Pretty good deal.

They have a ball pit in the children's area, but it was closed. I wonder if I could go in there or if they have a height limit.

One of my favorite places to eat when I was working in San Francisco was Chevy's in the Embarcadero Center. The waitress knew me and would turn the TV to soccer as soon as she saw me come in. :) They don't have them in Texas, but there's one right by Ikea, and I love the mixed grill.

Cool-looking Arco at Olympic and Robertson.

So far, 100% of the washing machines have refused to take the 5th quarter I insert into them 100% of the time on the first try. I hit the coin return button, it comes back, and I can re-insert it fine. Weird.

Uh oh, better be careful.

Or maybe not so much.

Another free lunch from the woman in the dispensary next door. :)