2011 Aug 21 | shopping with Betty for naughty clothes

Cool little fountain.

Nice name for a street: The Old Road.

Ooh, I need one of those.

$20 for that little thing?!

This would be useful, but it's so ugly.

You have to pay for the bags here.

I thought it would be much cheaper to make my own toilet paper holder stands. So I went to Home Depot and bought some wood. Total cost for the wood for two stands? $44. So much for saving money. Not to mention the time to screw them together.

These are cool-looking placemats.

People double-park on my street all the time.

Bought a couch and was ready to get it into my apartment.

But the elevator was broken. :( We managed to get the loveseat up the stairs, but no way would the couch fit. So I had to leave it in the smelly garage for a couple of days.


All of the garbage dumpsters are stored right next to our office.

This is where the trash goes after you drop it into the chute.

They have some pretty nice furniture stored away in there.

Dumb construction taking up two lanes of traffic.

That's a lot of pinatas.

LA street in LA.

Those are interesting pants.


First time I've ever maxed my minutes. Thankfully I have a ton of rollover ones.

Aw, the poor dog needs medicine. :(

Mobile dental clinic. Reminds me of the mobile eye clinic in Houston.

Dumb commercial checks don't fit in my wallet either vertically or horizontally.

The power went out at the office. We checked it out, and apparently it was out for like a 10x10 block radius and wouldn't be on until 8pm. Guess I'll go home for the day.

I wonder if somebody asked the candy machine man to put in a lot of Famous Amos cookies.

I hate when people leave their carts at the end of the register rather than taking them back to the stalls.

Dumb parking ticket jammed, so I had to call the attendant. I hadn't shopped here for like two weeks, but the parking attendant still remembered me for some reason.

"But if they're blind, how will they see the sign?" Haha, memories of being at the lake with Monica Ottenbacher.

"[T]o complete your transaction" = "to give the cops time to arrive."

Pretty cheap carwash with gas, especially on top of a 10-cent gas discount once I buy $100 worth of groceries at Ralphs.

Wonder what they did.

Going shopping with a friend to get shoes for her for Dayglow.

These were my favorites.

Hmm, I wonder why they have this sign.


These were really cool, too.

This store had some birds in it.

Neat fountain.

Aw, Michael Landon's star was broken by a tree's roots.

That's a pretty cool one.

That's rather mean.

I love free repeats on drinks.

Pretty good.

At least I can understand the total.

Lots of birds sitting on these letters.

Arg, I'm in a hurry to re-park and the garbage guys parked their little vehicle right behind my Jeep.

My rental surfboard just barely fit inside the Jeep.

We went out to Ma'Kai Saturday night. The doorman seemed less than ecstatic about me taking a picture.

It's already hard finding parking at the beach for surfing without this jerk parking like this. And the parking enforcement drove right by. I should have flagged them down.

Interesting stuffed animals in this house.

The parking lot was packed on the northern end, but the southern end had some more spaces.

OK, his license plate almost says "JEW," which would be a bit weird.

Now that's what I'm talking about! Especially shopping for clothes for a party where they're going to get covered in paint anyway.