2011 Aug 28 | DayGlow paint party in San Diego

Went down to San Diego for DayGlow, a giant paint party. There was a pretty big line out front.

They weren't letting anyone bring in their own glow sticks or bracelents.

Hmm... hiding them down my shorts isn't going to work.

Ah ha, I can fit them in my shoes, though.

Nice timing... fireworks from Sea World.

All clean and white.

Security checking everyone.

Packed with people in white.

27 minutes to go.

That looks like fun.

And it allows for an interesting way to crowd surf.

Everyone is ready for some paint.

There we go.

Looks like a paintball war.

A guy spraying paint.

Having fun.

Everyone up front here got covered.

Another performer.

That's a lot of paint.

Some interesting costumes.

Me no longer all white.

Ooh, balloons to wave.

It was quite crowded.

Hey, getting on someone's shoulders is cheating.

Spraying more stuff.

Farther back it wasn't nearly as crowded.

And people could actually dance.

Glowing in the black light.

Betty got a shot right in the chest.

A view from up top.

Everyone is pretty dirty.

Some more dancers in the back.

There were more black lights back here.

A guy with some Christmas lights.

Playing with glow sticks.

The crowd.

A paint pattern on her legs through the stockings.

Definitely time for a shower.

Video of the event.