2011 Aug 28 | thrift stores

Begging and selling flowers on the side of the road.

What a weird amount.

That's an interesting sculpture to see in a thrift store.

Ooh, I've always wanted one of these globes with stones in it. They're a bit expensive, though.

Those are some cool shoes. I wonder what the back hole is for?

Too bad they're not my size.

A few too many stuffed animals.

Nice license plate.

I love these things, except these are a bit too stiff.

This woman was dropping this table off. I wanted it, but I didn't get there before she handed it off. Too bad; I probably could have purchased it from her directly cheaper than what the store will sell it for.

Love driving against traffic.

A pretty messed up car.

I actually want Central Ave, but if you take that exit, you actually go past it and have to come back.

A little train that runs downtown.

That man has one nice suit.

Got a pretty good bruise on my arm. I think it's from hauling my furniture, along with a bruise on my rib and another on my hip.

Coke and Pepsi in the same machine??!

Driving back from DAYGLOW, these two cars and I basically stayed in our own lanes raced each other for a good deal of the way. Fun times.

They said the paint would come out, and it mostly did, but there are still tinges of orange scattered around.

Bought some white shirts and shorts in case some friends joined me for DAYGLOW from a thrift store for $1 a piece. They didn't come, so back to where you guys came from.

I guess they don't want people switching price tags, but really, four stickers (one was on the other side)?

Google Navigation going a bit nutty. It had me keep driving around in a square, never to leave.

Ooh, that's the most cars per green I've seen yet.

I love this beach because there's free parking. If the spots close to the beach are full, there's this little dirt area that has tons of space.

I wonder how that house would do in an earthquake.

Yeah! The LCD screen on my camera got all messed up months ago when I dropped it. All of the sudden it just was back to normal.