2011 Aug 31 | FedEx copies

Ooh, I've never seen birds of paradise out in nature before.

So cheap, but nothing in my size.

Hmm, that seems kind of expensive for scissors. Let's look around a bit.

Haha, I take that back. Better sprint back to the other ones before they're all gone.

The computers on the buses are down half the time.

It takes about 35 minutes to take the bus to work and about 45 minutes to get back home in the evening. If I have a parking card already, it takes 25 minutes to drive either way; if not, it's about 30-35 minutes. So not a huge difference, although the bus is a little crowded and if I want to go somewhere else after work that's not by my apartment, it's much better to drive. But I can read on the bus.

A little set of stairs by the hardware store. They actually go up to another set of stores that's on ground level for the next street because there's a hill.

This is one of the most confusing intersections I've ever seen. Traffic from the other direction has no stop or yield sign. Traffic on this side has a stop sign and has to yield to traffic from the other direction that is turning. However, since they're going full speed, it can be hard to estimate if you have enough time to get through or not.

So they can all afford this but can't afford an eye exam?

The whole bikes splitting lanes thing is illegal but basically allowed as far as I know. However, it's interesting when there's a cop there, since it is still officially illegal. The biker decided to just stay behind the cop rather than go around.

Aw, this poor homeless lady's cart fell over and a car ran over a few of her things.

Dumb AT&T; searching for GPS all the time.

Yeah, cuz I'm sure her hair color and style is quite natural, too.

These just seem inefficient to me, at least for traffic.

The Pasadena town hall.

Making some copies in FedEx, this was left in the copier I was using. Aw, some poor guy forgot his insurance card. Hey, wait a second.

There's white-out and some paper with dates glued on top.

Looking at the imprint on the back of the card, you can see the original dates were July 13 2010; he was changing them to 2012. That bastard.

The cashier helping the lady on the far right her tried asking her questions, but the woman was on her phone and not answering the cashier, so the cashier moved onto the next customer. This really pissed the woman on the phone off, who said she was answering the cashier's questions. So the cashier called another cashier over to help the woman on the phone, who also couldn't get answers out of her while she was talking. Good job, cashier-lady, for standing up for yourself and not wasting everybody else's time.

This elevator from the parking lot comes up in this little out-of-the-way corner of Macy's. Weird.

A CE meeting at Ruth's Chris.

After a fairly small steak, I was still pretty hungry. But this was the dessert; a mini-cheesecake. I got halfway through it and had to give up. I don't think a single other person finished it.

Target selling alcohol?

Why change the name? I liked Spray N Wash.

I've been trying to find the cheapest glow bracelets for GITD volleyball. The dollar stores are cheaper than party supplies stores, although ordering online is cheaper than both. However, I think 15 for $1 at Target beats them all.