2011 Sep 02 | starting a business, Improv comedy

Really? I have to drive all the way down there to register for a fictitious business name? Shouldn't there be an office in, I don't know, DOWNTOWN?

Got there after a 30-minute drive.

They had these signs everywhere warning you about soliciters.

The soliciters had to stay so far away; they couldn't be on the steps. But they yelled at everyone coming in. I actually got one because I had no idea what I was doing and thought it would speed the process up a bit, although she was a bit shady because she didn't tell me what she did.

Filling out the form online in this little room.

And then going over to this room to pay. I love their sign.

Finally figured out what the solicitor who had helped me did. She worked for a newspaper to get me to put the ad for a new business in her paper rather than another one. It might have been a bit more expensive using her, but not much more, and it certainly made it easier, so I think it was worth it.

Never heard of her paper and I don't care. Honestly, why do I even have to list a new business here? Absolutely nobody reads these things.

I hate getting tokens for the bus because the places are always so sketchy. A lot are at these check cashing stores. Some Ralphs have them, too, but none of the Ralphs I go to.

If you have a place called a dollar store, this shouldn't happen. Once you start pricing things at not a dollar, you should have to change the name.

I've seen a fair number of women wearing these leggings that, in bright sunlight, you can basically see right through.

I wonder if she realizes that.

Getting out of this side of the parking lot for CVS / Whole Foods / Kmart is a huge pain when it's busy.

A bunch of people waiting to get free passes to be in the audience for a show at CBS across the street.

It can get pretty hot standing and waiting for the light to change so I can cross, so I usually try to hide in the shade of the pole.

"Groove joint pliers?" Um, no, they're channel locks.

I had a little ruler to measure fittings, but it was much easier to screw them into this handy sizer the store had.

This is a really weird parking lot. If you park in one of the middle spots, you could be stuck.

CVS had almost all self-checkouts and only a few with tellers.

Free comedy show at the Improv if you buy a few drinks.

A line-up of the comedians.

Sorry, guys, not gonna be in the conversation much; football's on and it's been way too long since I've watched it. Although one of the women in our group was from Finland, so she and I talked about that a bit.

The comedians were pretty funny. Ralphie May went at the end.

I look for these liquor / coin wash signs when I come home at night as a reminder to turn, but they were off this time.