2011 Sep 04 | walking along Venice Beach

Venice canals.

Only $7 to park; that's not bad. Although I already found free parking on a side street only a few blocks from the pier.


The sand looks like this.

But when you step on it, a pattern of compression shoots out from your foot a ways. At least I was pretty intrigued by it.

The beach is pretty empty right now.

Although it is before 9am.

Someone I hadn't thought about: cleaning the windows to your beach-front home.

Private garden.

Neat little house.

You can see all the way through the house.

Pretty big cacti.

The vendors setting up their shops. The sunglasses guys use air compressors to clean the sand out of all the little sunglasses holders.

Tennis, although they use mini-rackets.

Recreation center.

Bodybuilding walk of fame.

I didn't know most of them.

Although I do know him.

And him.

Muscle beach.

Playing basketball.


There were some bums, but not a ton.

Neat column.

The pier was started in 1904.

A big steel structure.

Some graffiti-ed concrete pillars.

A skate park.

There were a fair number of people there.

Wait, where?

Really cool letters.

A skater getting some air.

From the other side.

Yep, we're definitely in SoCal.

Stores on the left, booth vendors on the right.

What's this?

Ooh, that's pretty cool.

Typical vendor stuff.

Although that's a bit different.

Lots of t-shirts.

Now parking is up to $15. I think it switches at 9am.

The Venice Pier.

A surfboard carrier for a bike.

Lots of people out fishing on the pier.

A cleaning station.

Hmm... I wonder how many good fish species there are that look like contaminated fish?

The end of the pier.

I've never actually seen anyone catch a single fish here.

The waves were fun to watch.

Especially listening to them as they crested.

Looking north.

There were a few surfers out. You could surf north of the pier; south of it was for swimming.