2011 Sep 05 | sunglasses, Walmart

It's fun to race up the parking garage to see how fast I can get to the top, but while 10mph seems perfectly fine, even 12-13mph feels very fast. Weird that such a small difference can seem to have such a big one.

That's an interesting ad.

Oh come on, who uses these? All I want is beef.

Normally I don't drink much soda at home, but that's too good of a deal to pass up. Last time I bought four boxes at a time was to get some free tickets to a baseball game.

Suck it, stupid traffic cops. Although I have no idea what they're talking about it being impounded.

A vendor from Optometry's Meeting sent me a ton of pamphlets on their product. What in the world am I going to do with these? Oh, wait; they'll be perfect for putting under by projector to get the angle right!

Ooh, I didn't know I get a 10% discount at the Farmer's Market for working there. Cool!

Slow day at the office, might as well try on some glasses. I actually really like these Dillons.

I think these Theos are the coolest pair in the office, but I don't know if they fit my face very well.

Some Maui Jims.

The real wood for the temples is cool, but not for me.

Oh, yes, these are perfect, haha.

I'm sticking my project in the top shelf because it was too angled if it was way on top. However, even though the projector itself fits in a shelf, it needs more room to the sides for the fan to vent the heat. So I had to move my coffee table and couch, pull the bookshelf down, unscrew the top, remove the two middle shelf dividers, and then put everything back.

That's a lot of cops for what seems to be a pretty minor incident.

I never use the strap on my DSLR. With it, I either look like a stupid tourist if it hangs in front or it bangs against me when I walk. So I just carry it in my hand instead.

Found some free street parking only a few blocks from the beach, nice.

I was walking by this restaurant, saw these garlic rolls, and had to stop. I told the waiter I didn't really care what I got for an entree; just keep these coming.

Neat to-go container to keep the food warm.

The cops shut down the road to the Venice Beach pier / parking area in the evening. I wonder why.

Awesome! A little train in the mall. I have to ride that some time.

Even though the dresses are rather boring, I love the shiny silver mannequins.

Haha, the escalator was broken in Walmart. Good; all those fatties could use some exercise.

Yeah, so looking for pens in Walmart right when school is opening was apparently a bad idea.

That's an, uh, interesting outfit.

Really? You people are all lined up for Ross to open? Why? It's not like there's a sale or something.

Gah, I hate having to take the elevator for just one or two floors.

And then when I want to leave, even though there are signs EVERYWHERE that say to take your ticket and pay at the kiosk before going back to your vehicle, both of these idiots didn't do that. So I had to sit behind them while they got out, walked over to kiosk, paid, and then walked back to their vehicles. Arg!

Nothing like the smell of a roast waiting for you when you get home.

My camera still has paint in it from DAYGLOW, ha.